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    Connected TV

    Time Spent Streaming CTV Maintains its Pandemic Growth

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    Time Spent Streaming CTV Maintains its Pandemic Growth

    2 Min Read

    Connected TV viewing grows 81% YoY

    More Viewers Sticking With Connected TV

    There’s no denying consumer habits have changed drastically over the past few months. The question now is: which of those changes will stick around for the long term? Like many other media channels, Connected TV viewing rose in March due to the influx of at-home workers spending increased time streaming on digital devices. A new report released by Nielsen revealed that the time users spend on their CTV devices increased by 81% year-over-year from 2019 – an increase that equates to around 4 billion hours per week. 

    According to eMarketer, while traditional TV viewing has normalized since the start of the pandemic, Connected TV usage has maintained its viewership levels gained during the height of the pandemic. This has been attributed to the large amount of content now available on CTV, giving viewers more options to watch classic TV shows and movies. Coupled with original content exclusive to streaming services, it’s no wonder CTV has shown staying power – even with more freedom for people to go outside. Marketers should take advantage of this leg-up on linear TV channels by creating a comprehensive performance TV strategy that can ride this wave of increased viewing into the rest of the year.

    Connected TV in the News

    Connected TV Viewing Is Not Returning To Pre Pandemic Levels
    The COVID-
    19 pandemic has quickened the consumer adoption of several media channels including Connected TV. Nielsen recently released a report that says CTV viewing has remained above pre-pandemic levels.

    How Connected TV Ads Help SMBs Recover from Crisis
    Street Fight

    As enterprises across the country start to reopen in a brave new world, they need to take advantage of all the advertising tools at their disposal. One medium that will be especially helpful in this regard is Connected TV. 

    Is CTV Viewing on Android TV Vastly Underestimated?
    Multichannel News

    We’ve heard loudly from both Roku and Amazon that their respective Connected TV advertising platforms each have around 40 million active users globally. But what about the fast-rising Android TV platform?

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