Tracking Customer Satisfaction, Netflix Ad Rollout, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Tracking Customer Satisfaction, Netflix Ad Rollout, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Every week there is a ton of marketing news for industry professionals to read, and this one was no exception. To make it easier to see it all in one place, we’ve rounded up some of the top stories that caught our attention. 

In digital marketing news, Adweek believes that brands should care more about their customer satisfaction levels than they currently do. In a recent article, Adweek notes that acquiring new customers is 5-25% more expensive than keeping those your brand already has. As a result, keeping those customers happy should be a top priority. The article recommends taking advantage of survey feedback, which can benefit businesses in a variety of ways including identifying gaps in service, gaining insight into high-performing teams, and uncovering opportunities to deepen customer relationships. Adweek recommends that brand take the time to map out their survey processes, share the results, and follow up with those surveyed in order to get the best look into the relationship they have with their customers.

And in the world of Connected TV, eMarketer covered the news that a Netflix ad-supported tier could arrive as soon as Q4 of 2022. Recently, the streaming giant made headlines after revealing around 200,000 subscribers had left the service—their first decline in 10 years. And while Netflix responded to the loss by announcing a future ad-supported tier to offset their high subscription costs, they originally reported that the move could take more than a year to implement. However, it looks like Netflix plans to speed up that process, and an internal note acknowledges that this is a departure from their original plans, “Yes, it’s fast and ambitious and it will require some trade-offs.” Ultimately, eMarketer reports that Netflix will have to handle its rollout carefully, or risk alienating even more viewers.

Check out the rest of the best articles from this week in the roundup below. 


Going Beyond Modeling to Find New Customer Acquisition Targets – Different targets call for different models, naturally—but figuring out how to devise and choose from a variety of methodologies is the challenge. 

Father’s Day is Five Weeks Away. Now What? – Now that Father’s Day is only five weeks away, it’s time to get your campaigns in order. Our report outlines the main points that you need to know to get started, but follow along this content series as we dissect the key components that make a winning campaign strategy.

What We Can Learn From the Leaders Who’ve Lasted in the Ever-Evolving Role of CMO – Adweek’s 2022 award-winning marketing chiefs have withstood the tests of a challenging period of time. 

Metaverse Goes Mainstream, But Most Consumers Still Don’t Understand It – Nearly three-quarters of surveyed consumers (74%) had heard of the metaverse as of March. That’s a noteworthy bump in awareness compared to last July, when just 32% reported being familiar with the term.

Why You Should Care More About Customer Satisfaction Than You Currently Do – Not all business surveys are created equal, as anyone who has filled one out has learned. Asking customers for honest feedback may seem intrusive, bothersome or even uncomfortable, but it can be a worthwhile use of resources. 


Netflix Ads Could Debut As Soon As Q4 – Netflix’s much-discussed ad-supported tier may come sooner than expected. Despite initially saying it could take one or two years to implement, the company recently told employees that it hopes to launch an ad platform between October and December 2022.

94% of TV Ads Reached Only 55% of Linear TV Audiences – New Samba TV report suggests that advertisers are missing large groups of people with their current advertising strategies

How Streaming TV Platforms Upped Their Games at the NewFronts – Roku, Tubi and FuboTV pitched advertisers around measurement and targeting at a time when both the streaming and digital ad landscapes are in flux.

Apple Will Revamp Its ‘Services’ To Focus on Advertising and Streaming – Apple is restructuring its fast-growing “services” category—which includes Apple Arcade, Music, TV+, iCloud+, Fitness+, and News+—to focus on streaming and advertising.

How Many Services Does it Take to Meet Viewer TV Needs? – With new and existing content spread across a broad and diverse set of streaming options for U.S. consumers to pick from, just how many does it take before the majority feel satisfied that their TV needs are met? At least four, according to new survey data.

TV’s Role in Measuring DTC Success – Brands are becoming more creative in how they showcase their product, especially with the influx of technology and media methods a brand can use.  


The New ‘Gen Z’ Shopper Opportunity in Mobile Gaming – The G-Shopper is a futurist, highly proficient in new gaming formats and considered a brand evangelist.  

Why We Care About Mobile Marketing: A Guide for Marketers – The tactics, technologies and strategies you need to connect with customers where they are—their smartphones.

Marketers Up! Lessons From the Kentucky Derby on Reaching Young Audiences – When it comes to high-profile sporting events, there are several that come to mind for marketing and brand professionals. All of these events share the same goal: Make an impact to attract the attention span of new audiences, specifically younger cohorts, around the world. 


That’s it for the roundup this week—next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.