AI Is ‘Absolutely a Risk for Google’, Says MNTN CEO Mark Douglas

AI Is ‘Absolutely a Risk for Google’, Says MNTN CEO Mark Douglas

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MNTN CEO Mark Douglas recently joined Contessa Brewer on CNBC’s “Last Call” to talk this year’s earnings for big tech companies like Meta, Amazon, and Alphabet. 

When asked whether the business of ads is fueling the recent resurgence when it comes to tech stocks, Douglas said that Meta had been doing well all around, “For Meta, definitely. I think Meta and Google, you’ve seen them do well actually for a while now. Meta had a rough year last year, but they’ve recovered. That’s why the stocks are going up.”

But for Microsoft, it was a different story. “In Microsoft’s case, I think that AI plays such a huge role there. I wouldn’t attribute it to advertising,” said the MNTN CEO. “Microsoft is definitely becoming very relevant lately, and they’re doing very well as a result.”

Speaking of AI, Brewer asked how much disruption we can expect AI will bring to the digital ad business, and whether it will disrupt search models like that of Google.

“Yeah, it’s absolutely a risk for Google,” said Douglas. “And it’s not so much in the way you think of search. People have muscle memory for Google — there’s not really a fundamentally better reason to use Google than Bing other than your reflex is to go to Google. And as AI becomes a bigger and bigger part of this, it is going to get buried in the apps.”

For the rest of the conversation, watch the video above or click the link below. 

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