MNTN’s Mark Douglas and Stagwell’s Mark Penn Discuss New Partnership at CES

MNTN’s Mark Douglas and Stagwell’s Mark Penn Discuss New Partnership at CES

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This week, MNTN CEO Mark Douglas and Mark Penn of Stagwell joined Ed Ludlow at CES for a conversation on Bloomberg’s The Tape podcast. The three discussed everything from the recently announced partnership between MNTN and Stagwell, to the latest in tech developments within the advertising space. 

When asked about the new partnership, Douglas conveyed that the two companies are focused on performance marketing for some of the world’s largest brands, “We’ve talked about performance marketing a lot, but what’s really happening is with the demise of Nielsen, brands essentially want real metrics, they want real targeting. They’re not happy with just spending hundreds of millions of dollars and having no real data and no real control over it.” 

“[Stagwell] is the premier performance marketing holding company for agencies,” said the MNTN CEO. “And obviously you guys know MNTN invented Performance TV so we’re teaming up with an offering geared directly at the world’s largest brands to now enter the world of performance marketing.”

Penn believes this partnership will be very important when extending Stagwell’s performance-oriented media into Connected TV — where MNTN has a real specialty. “We have a series of digital platform products in research, communications, and media, which MNTN can take to its primarily small business market,” said Penn. “So we think this is a win-win partnership for digital marketers and for the both of us in terms of the billions of dollars of media that we manage at Stagwell.”

To listen to the rest of the conversation, check out the full podcast at the link below (skip ahead to 18:19 if you want to jump right into this discussion).

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