A 360-Degree View of CTV’s Impact on Other Ad Channels

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What This Session Is About

Connected TV isn’t just producing incredible performance marketing outcomes on TV — its halo effect is boosting outcomes across the entire advertising board. But how can digital performance marketers take advantage of the platform to generate better outcomes? And how much time, resources, and effort do they need to invest to make it happen? (Spoiler alert: very little.) 

Join Jon Zucker, Senior Product Marketing Manager at MNTN, as he gives an insider’s look at how marketers are successfully using CTV to generate better outcomes for paid search and social. Zucker will detail the opportunities that CTV’s halo effect unlocks, cover real success stories from brands, and share actionable insights you can use to supercharge all of your PPC and SEO marketing efforts.

A 360-Degree View of CTV’s Impact on Other Ad Channels

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