As Seen On (P)TV: Why the Future of Television is Built for Performance

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What This Session Is About

When it comes to the future of TV advertising, are you still asking yourself, “Wait, what’s actually happening now?” Between the rise of Connected TV and the boom of ad-supported streaming, TV ads have dynamically (and irrevocably) changed. The living room screen isn’t just a channel for awareness anymore – it’s a lightning rod for performance, electrifying your campaigns in ways linear television never will. Why else do you think it’s called Performance TV?

Join MNTN’s SVP of Marketing, Ali Haeri, as he discusses why everyone has embraced Connected TV, and how that’s unlocked a massive opportunity for advertisers: performance marketing on the living room screen. He’ll dive into the details by exploring the passion points of Performance TV, from its precision targeting, to the reliable attribution and accurate measurement brands of all sizes can expect to achieve.

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