Big Budgets Aren’t Enough: What Major Brands Can Learn From Early CTV Pioneers

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What This Session Is About

Connected TV is leveling the playing field and democratizing TV advertising. From small businesses to startups that don’t fit the traditional TV mold, CTV has helped a new swath of brands find success—regardless of size or budget. As CTV adoption continues to climb, new players—including blue-chip brands with massive budgets—are rushing into the space and dynamically changing the landscape. So what can these established TV advertisers learn from the challenger brands that have already pioneered success on CTV?

Join Ali Haeri, VP of Marketing at MNTN, as he shares the secret behind large brands’ rush to CTV and gives you everything you need to navigate the increasingly crowded party. Haeri will share why CTV is a natural fit for established TV advertisers, show what lessons big brands can learn from already-successful smaller ones, and demonstrate what capabilities you can leverage to compete with the new faces of TV advertising. 

  • See why next year will be CTV’s biggest shakeup yet as every major streaming service becomes ad-friendly
  • Discover what’s bringing major brands to CTV – and what lessons you can learn from them
  • Uncover how advertisers can prepare for new players entering the streaming space
  • Learn the strategies that upstarts used to find CTV success, and see how brands of any size can apply them
Big Budgets Aren’t Enough: What Major Brands Can Learn From Early CTV Pioneers

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