Data-Driven Refreshes: How to Stop Video and CTV Ad Fatigue

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What This Session Is About

Video creative is by far the most engaging ad format. Whether it’s on social or Connected TV, these audio- and visual-rich ads excel at driving consumer action. That is, until the audience sees the same ad over, and over, and over again. Video ad fatigue is real—so how can you ensure your video creative stays fresh and generates results?

Join MNTN’s Brittany Haskins, Director of Customer Success and QuickFrame’s Alex Villa, Associate VP of Customer Success as they detail the science behind refreshing video and CTV creative. They’ll cover everything from timing, to testing, to monitoring the right kinds of performance data. Discover how to implement a data-driven creative approach that unlocks creative refreshes when they’re needed most—and keep your campaign performance strong.

Data-Driven Refreshes: How to Stop Video and CTV Ad Fatigue

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