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10 Best Shopify Integrations to Improve Your Store

10 Best Shopify Integrations to Improve Your Store

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Shopify has a vast range of features for every business owner. But if you’ve found yourself wishing you could expand your online storefront’s functionality, you’re not alone. And fortunately, the solution is easier than you might think. By making proper use of the right Shopify integrations, you can optimize your store, target new customers, connect your Shopify store to your store on another platform, and more. 

With that in mind, here are ten of the best Shopify integrations out there:

1. MNTN Performance TV

Use Case: Serving targeted Connected TV ads to your shoppers

How it Works: With the MNTN app, Shopify advertisers get a dynamic way to enhance their store’s visibility and attract a wealth of new shoppers by transforming TV advertising into an extension of digital performance marketing. With the same ease as deploying search or social media campaigns, users can tap into the vast potential of streaming TV advertising, targeting millions yet focusing on those most inclined to engage based on detailed criteria from location to lifestyle.

MNTN Performance TV offers comprehensive analytics for straightforward campaign creation and in-depth impact analysis, covering everything from traffic boosts to sales growth. This ensures advertisers can precisely gauge and optimize their return on investment and acquisition costs, among other vital marketing metrics.

Download the MNTN App on Shopify

2. Shipeasy

Use Case: Offers customizable shipping options to enhance your store’s checkout process

How it Works: Store owners can set varied shipping rates based on factors like order weight, value, and customer location directly within their Shopify dashboard. This flexibility ensures customers see the most accurate shipping costs, potentially reducing cart abandonment and improving overall satisfaction.

Download the Shipeasy App on Shopify

3. PageFly

Use Case: Customizing your online storefront with simple drag-and-drop elements

How it Works: Your Shopify store is often a shopper’s first impression of your brand, so creating a beautiful, custom layout is important. With PageFly, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to create a digital storefront that looks great on any screen.

Download the PageFly App on Shopify

4. Frequently Bought Together

Use Case: Increasing sales by showing customers items that are often purchased along with their order

How it Works: Integrating Frequently Bought Together is like having a salesperson who upsells your customers 24/7. When a customer decides to buy something, the service will show them a few other items, noting that they’re usually bought with the item the customer is about to buy. Because customers see related items right before they check out, there’s a decent chance that at least a few will make some last-minute additions to their order.

Download the Frequently Bought Together App on Shopify

5. CedCommerce eBay Integration

Use Case: Integrating your Shopify store with your eBay store

How it Works:  When you have multiple online storefronts, it’s easy to accidentally lose track of your inventory (or worse, sell items you no longer have). A CedCommerce integration will sync up with your eBay store in as close to real-time as possible. And if you have online stores beyond eBay and Shopify, you’re in luck, as CedCommerce offers a range of apps to integrate with other platforms, too!

Download the CedCommerce eBay Integration App on Shopify

6. Shopify Email

Use Case: Sending customized emails to different customer segments and creating email sequences

How it Works: Email marketing has been around for ages, and that’s because it works. The future of online marketing, however, lies in automation, and Shopify Email helps you automate some of the most tedious tasks. In particular, it lets you automate critical emails and sequences like abandoned shopping cart emails, customer win-back emails, first-purchase upsells, and new subscriber welcomes. 

Download the Shopify Email App on Shopify

7. HubSpot for Shopify

Use Case: Connecting your Shopify store to your customer relationship management (CRM) software for more detailed and accurate data collection

How it Works: Having more data on your customers is only a good thing if you know how to manage and use it. If you already use HubSpot Smart CRM, you can use HubSpot for Shopify to integrate data from your store. In doing so, you’ll get a single-screen view of critical customer data you can use to create marketing campaigns, assess customer lifetime value, evaluate customer service interactions, and more.

Download the HubSpot for Shopify App on Shopify

8. QuickBooks for Shopify

Use Case: Connecting your store to your accounting software to better understand and manage your revenue and expenses

How it Works: Accounting is a tedious, albeit necessary, part of running an online store. But if you integrate your store with QuickBooks, that work instantly becomes faster, easier, and more accurate. You can keep an eye on your expenses, track your revenue, and maximize tax deductions. The integration automatically imports all of the data you need, so there’s never a need to worry about transcription errors and other mix-ups.

Download the QuickBooks for Shopify App on Shopify

9. ONE: AI

Use Case: Enhances customer engagement through email and SMS marketing, driving sales and increasing customer loyalty with advanced AI tools.

How it Works: After installing “ONE,” merchants can immediately generate product descriptions, draft emails, and offer personalized product recommendations, all designed to convert ad traffic into repeat buyers. The app integrates smoothly with tools like MailChimp and Klaviyo, offering features like one-click checkout upsells, automated cart recovery, and comprehensive A/B testing to optimize marketing strategies and increase average order value (AOV) effortlessly.

Download the ONE: AI App on Shopify

10. Avada FAQ/Help Center

Use Case: Creating a streamlined customer service solution that integrates your store with WhatsApp, Facebook chats, email, and more

How it Works: Every Shopify store needs quality customer support, and Avada FAQ/Help Center makes it easy. You can set it up to instantly notify you when a customer reaches out so you can respond quickly. You can also create a FAQ page to help cut down on the number of people reaching out to you.

Download the Avada FAQ/Help Center App on Shopify

Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales: Final Thoughts

With the wealth of great Shopify integrations out there, it’s hard to know where to start. But when you take the time to effectively target your ads, better manage your inventory, perfect your layout, or otherwise improve your store, you’ll be well on your way to creating your most profitable online store yet.