2021 Fourth of July, Digital Advertising Growth, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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2021 Fourth of July, Digital Advertising Growth, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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There was a lot to cover in digital marketing news this week, from articles on the best ways to get July 4th campaigns started, to a new report on the expected growth of digital video marketing in 2021. To make it easier for you to keep on top of the most useful stories, we compiled a list of the most interesting headlines from this week. 

In digital marketing news, independence day is fast approaching, and marketers will need to start preparing their campaigns now to best take advantage of the CDC’s recently relaxed guidelines and a rise in the number of vaccinated Americans that are sure to make this holiday more of a celebration than ever. Last year, despite the number of consumers who celebrated the Fourth of July dropping due to the pandemic, the average order value per person increased. And the Performance Marketer’s Guide to Fourth of July, MNTN breaks down some of the best ways for marketers to optimize their campaigns and take advantage of the increase in these valuable potential customers. Marketers should be starting their prospecting campaigns now to allow for ramp up time, and then the week before the holiday start running retargeting ads to take advantage in the uptick in activity that usually takes place.

And in Connected TV news, online video advertising growth shows no sign of slowing. In IAB’s new report, Video Ad Spend 2020 and Outlook for 2021, they reveal that digital video advertising will represent 56% of total video ad spend this year. Much of this growth is attributed to Connected TV, with 73% of CTV buyers shifting their media budgets from broadcast and cable to Connected TV this year. According to Eric John, vp of IAB Media Center, this growth was to be expected, “While we are seeing growth across all digital video, the movement to more audience-based buying approaches has resulted in increased buyer demand for CTV.” Overall, the report found advertisers spent $20 million on CTV in 2020, and 35% expect to increase that amount in 2021. As Connected TV continues to grow as an industry and gain more of a share in the world of digital video advertising, marketers should be exploring the benefits of running their campaigns on this channel.

Here are the rest of the headlines that made waves in the world of marketing this week. 


The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Fourth of July – Cookouts are just the beginning. Funnel that summer energy into new categories as we ease into a post-pandemic world.

The rise of influencer marketing and its effect on digital marketing – More businesses are planning to invest a larger part of their marketing budgets on more relatable, branded content and influencer marketing. 

A Simplified Digital Marketing Strategy – The goal of your digital marketing strategy should be to create and optimize information that helps your ideal customers understand everything about your business.

Verizon Ducks Out on Digital Ads with Yahoo, AOL Sale – Verizon is bowing out of the media business with their sale of Yahoo, AOL, and a host of other properties. The deal, which is reported to be worth $5 billion, sees the telecom giant end its experiment in the media business. 


Why streaming media owners should be laser focused on first-party data  – OTT’s growing popularity comes at a time when increasing restraints on third-party data gathering, including new consumer privacy protections and the removal of cookies and digital ad tracking devices, are putting first-party data at a premium for all digital marketers.

CTV Is a Fast-Growing Channel in Digital Advertising – Not only has CTV advertising grown throughout the pandemic, but it also rose at rates that were among the fastest for any sector of the US digital ad market, thanks to the expanded availability of its offerings with scaled targeting through programmatic buying options.

Roku’s Record Growth Continues in 2021 Ahead of Original Content Rollout – After wrapping a record year in 2020, Roku has continued its momentum into the first part of 2021—though there are signs that last year’s Covid-fueled massive user spikes are starting to tail off. 

YouTube introduces interactive ads for connected TVs, more original programming – YouTube is expanding its marketing toolbox as viewership grows on Connected TVs.

Connected TV Drives Massive Growth in Digital Video Spend – Growth in digital video advertising shows no signs of slowing down in 2021. According to the IAB’s annual report, digital video advertising is expected to represent 56% of total video spend this year.  


TikTok Sets Initiatives to #SupportSmallBusiness Throughout May – TikTok will recognize National Small Business Week throughout the month of May by enabling users to share their favorite small businesses and discover those of other users via the #SupportSmallBusiness hashtag. 

Mobile marketers intensify focus on contextual signals amid privacy changes – With Apple’s changes to the Identifier for Advertisers finally in effect — and the death of the third-party cookie imminent — mobile advertisers are prepared to reach consumers by focusing on the context of their ads, rather than one-to-one targeting and personalization.  

How to Navigate Social Media Coming Out of the Pandemic – After over a year of the pandemic, customers and brands have changed how they use social media. During Adweek’s Social Media Week on Thursday, Vice Media Group’s global CMO Nadja Bellan-White said that 2021 is a year of reimagining what’s possible. 

Navigating the new frontiers of mobile advertising – Raphaël Rodier, global chief revenue officer at Ogury, details the opportunities for mobile advertising and how to evolve for the changing landscape.