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7 Audience Segments Travel Brands Should Be Targeting

7 Audience Segments Travel Brands Should Be Targeting

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Despite the current state of economic uncertainty, people are choosing to spend on travel. Nearly 70% of consumers reported that they’d travel in summer of 2022 “no matter what”. And, it looks like this trend will continue through the end of this year—the travel and tourism industry is projected to make $716B in 2022, up from $491.46B in 2021.

This is good news for travel brands who are still feeling the effects the global pandemic had on their industry. If you’re one of these businesses, there is a huge opportunity for you to target consumers who are traveling in force (not to mention those who are leaning into “revenge travel”).

Consider the following specialized audience segments to target in your next advertising campaign:

Approach: Travel’s Biggest Fans

  • Segment name: Travel Enthusiasts
  • Audience provider: Bombora
  • Why to target this audience: They may be well acquainted with all things travel, but this group shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to advertising. Because the travel industry offers a variety of products and experiences—airplane tickets to neck pillows, vacation lodging to swimsuits—there is a chance for all travel brands (not just the well known ones) to sell to this audience. To appeal to this segment of travel fans, ensure that your ad not only speaks to how your product or experience will be useful, but how it could enhance a consumer’s trip.

Approach: Budget Friendly

  • Segment name: Value Travel Intenders
  • Audience provider: Analytics IQ
  • Why to target this audience: Everyone loves a deal, especially in times of economic uncertainty. While consumers indicated that they are still willing to put money into travel, purchasing behavior has shifted—31% of consumers reported that they will spend less while traveling, such as on food and activities. With this in mind, your travel brand can benefit by offering discounts or by proving to customers how they can save money by spending with you.

Approach: Work Travel—it’s More Than Just Business

  • Segment name: Frequent Business Travelers
  • Audience provider: Infogroup
  • Why to target this audience: After plummeting in 2020, business travel is recovering quickly. In 2021, U.S. consumers traveling for work spent $158B (up from $121B in 2020) and expenditure is predicted to rise to $232B by the end of 2022. Frequent business travelers are a great group to advertise to because they are well acquainted with travel and are likely looking for ways to make their trips more enjoyable. Show these consumers that their business trips can be a balance of work and play when they shop your brand.

Approach: The Luxe Life

  • Segment name: Luxury Travel
  • Audience provider: MasterCard
  • Why to target this audience: Luxury travel is predicted to hit nearly $300B in revenue this year, providing a huge opportunity for advertisers. No matter if they’ve been saving for a trip for months or have a large amount of disposable income, these travelers are searching for products and services that will add another layer of luxury and comfort to their trip.

Approach: All in the Family

  • Segment name: Travelers With Kids
  • Audience provider: OneAudience
  • Why to target this audience: Family vacations can be tons of fun, but they can also be costly and time consuming to plan. Make things easier for travelers with kids by creating a fuss-free shopping experience from start to finish. Additionally, be sure that your ads speak to how your brand can provide value and fun for the whole family.

Strategy: Thrill Seekers

  • Segment name: Adventure Travel
  • Audience provider: Zipline
  • Why to target this audience: The adventure travel audience segment is growing quickly—experiential travel is booming and 40% of consumers expressed interest in trying something unique when on trips. Appeal to this consumer group by highlighting how your product or experience can enhance their one-of-a-kind travel adventures.

Strategy: Holiday Travel

  • Segment name: Winter Holiday Travelers
  • Audience provider: Cuebiq
  • Why to target this audience: It’s no secret that people travel en masse during the winter holiday season. Knowing this, it’s wise to develop a holiday travel specific ad strategy. And, it’s never too early to start! We recommend beginning to target winter holiday travelers early in Q4—this way consumers will have more time to engage with your brand before the chaos of the season takes hold.

Reach Your Ideal Travel Audiences on Connected TV

These are just a few customer segments we recommend targeting, but there are many travel audiences that can drive performance for your brand. To see success, it’s vital to send the right message on the right channel. With its increasing popularity and the action it has driven in travel decision makers, Connected TV (CTV) is a great advertising channel for travel brands to reach their ideal customers. Utilize a platform like Performance TV to ensure your ads are reaching the right audiences on top networks.