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88% of Americans Subscribe to at Least One Streaming Service

88% of Americans Subscribe to at Least One Streaming Service

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The world of streaming viewership has grown over the last few years, to the point where 88% of U.S. adults now subscribe to at least one streaming platform. And a recent survey from Disqo suggests their opinions aren’t as hardline as you’d imagine. Most viewers are fine with ads as long as they can get a break on their subscriptions fees. In fact, only 13% responded that they are opposed to ad-supported subscription tiers, just a third of the 36% who opposed them in 2022. 

Good news for the majority of streaming viewers, then: all the big players — Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video — have added new ad-supported tiers to their platforms over the last two years. But it’s not just about the dollars. Viewers want their streaming experience to feel personal. The survey revealed that while cost is king, respondents also dig new features like shoppable ads and interactive AI tech. Ultimately, streaming platforms and advertisers will have to continue adopting and development of new ad format technology in order to keep up with the pack.

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