AI-Powered Marketing in 2024: A Playbook for Success

AI-Powered Marketing in 2024: A Playbook for Success

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B2B marketing teams are doing their best to balance the challenges at hand: niche audiences, technical offerings, and slimmer budgets, to name a few. To help manage these, many of those teams are looking to the latest AI tools to ease their day-to-day as much as possible. But with so much information to sift through, it’s hard to tell what’s essential to know — and what’s just background noise. 

Recently, Severin Nesselhauf, Director of Marketing Strategy at MNTN, joined MarTech to walk through how B2B marketers can utilize evolving AI tech to make the most of their time. Let’s take a look at some highlights of the conversation: 

The Current State of AI-Powered B2B Marketing 

Throughout 2023, we’ve all heard about the power of AI and its ability to transform the way we work. So it makes sense that marketing and advertising teams are implementing AI at the highest rates. Additionally, 53% of marketers reported this technology is a “game-changer” for them — and 60% believe it will radically transform their roles. 

With all this rapid adoption, marketing teams are eager to make the most of this tech. In fact, one recent MailChimp survey found 50% of marketer respondents believe inadequate AI adoption is holding their organization back from achieving its full potential. 

How To Use AI in Your 2024 Marketing Strategy 

We’re not looking at AI solutions to replace humans anytime soon — and we don’t recommend your teams do, either. Instead, we believe AI should be considered a means to streamline your role and optimize your existing workload. 

Let’s explore a few of the ways marketing teams can utilize AI to improve the creative process

Concept Brainstorming

If there’s one thing AI is good at, it’s offering a lot of possible options quickly. With the right creative text prompts, certain AI tools can provide you with a list of ideas for your campaigns. While this likely won’t (and shouldn’t) be the final iteration of your idea, it’s a great place to start. 

Drafting Narratives

Once your concept is in place, you can use AI to draft an initial script or storyline. By inputting detailed ideas into an AI platform, you can receive a starting point for your project’s narrative. 

Similar to the concepts, this shouldn’t be the finalized version. You’ll likely need to revise the narrative the AI suggests, specifically to apply your brand’s voice. If you’re usually a conversational brand, you’ll likely need to update the narrative to include a friendly tone and branded terms. 

Quick Visualizations and Storyboards

With a visualization of the project from the beginning, marketing teams can ensure they’re staying on the same page throughout the entire production process. This can reduce the number of revisions throughout, ensuring the project remains on schedule and within budget. 

Efficient Video Production

As AI improves, there are more visual tools available, including those to streamline video production. With this technology, users can assemble, supplement, and restore existing content to create new experiences for viewers. This can allow brands to enhance their video marketing strategies by updating their creative more frequently, adding in more personalized elements, and repurposing their content across platforms. 

Get To Know MNTN VIVA 

While many of these tools are revolutionary, we’ve envisioned a platform to bring all of them together — an AI megazord, if you will. Ours is called MNTN VIVA; it’s a standalone platform that allows users to create, mix, and remix video creative. After uploading your assets, a VIVA user can use the suite of AI solutions to produce a new script, a new voiceover, and create AI-generated imagery and video to supplement the main asset.

If you can edit a video you created on your phone, you can edit a video with VIVA. When in the hands of beginners, it’s effective. And when it’s in the hands of experts? It’s groundbreaking, unlocking efficiency and expanding outputs. Learn more about MNTN VIVA here

Upgrading Your 2024 B2B Marketing Playbook 

As we close out the final weeks of 2023, marketing teams have their eyes locked onto the year ahead — and how they can make the most of it with AI. Watch the full webinar here to learn more about effectively adding AI to your 2024 marketing plans.