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Connected TV Retargeting Outperforms Display-Only Approach

Performance TV retargeting campaigns generated more conversions and better ROAS

Connected TV Retargeting Outperforms Display-Only Approach

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Streaming TV’s surge in popularity isn’t just changing how we watch television—it’s changing how advertisers generate ROI

New research found that advertisers who used Connected TV for retargeting generated better campaign performance than those who ran display-only campaigns. The new data, which was sourced from MNTN Performance TV advertisers, found improvements in key performance metrics. 

Performance TV Retargeting vs. Display-Only Retargeting

In addition to the stats you see above, we should add that the Performance TV retargeting campaigns took an average of 30% fewer impressions to generate a conversion. That means it took far fewer ads to convince a shopper to convert. 

So why is performance better with Performance TV retargeting? It comes down to a better ad (and user) experience.

Combine The Best of Both Worlds

Connected TV retargeting hits a sweet spot where it combines the strength of both digital and television advertising, but without the drawbacks of either medium. 


  • Its targeting allows you to reach website visitors to ensure you’re serving ads to an engaged and high-intent audience. 
  • You can divide up your 1st party data and focus on shoppers based on the action they took on your site. 
  • Want to serve ads to shoppers who viewed multiple products, or left items in their shopping cart? You can. 

Ad Experience 

  • You get the impact and ad experience TV commercials provide, but in an unskippable environment. 
  • That means you have a captive audience who can’t fast forward through ads. 
  • Performance TV only serves ads on top networks like ESPN, Hulu, CNN and others—giving your brand a prestige lift when it’s paired with quality content. 
  • Ad time blocks are generally shorter as well, and provide a countdown—letting the audience know they won’t have too long to wait before their programming starts. 

User behavior is also a major factor. TV watching is a very passive experience in which the audience sits back and settles in to watch their show. This gives the ad an opportunity to be watched, consumed, and make an impact. On the other hand, display ads are served when users are browsing the internet and focusing on other tasks. Display-only retargeting ads have a higher hill to climb when it comes to grabbing user attention.

Immersive Messaging Matters

You need to have your ads and message spread across the devices where consumers spend their digital time. Connected TV is becoming a major part of consumers’ routines, which means you can’t just keep your retargeting ads solely on display any longer. 

An omnichannel marketing approach is a best practice for a reason. It keeps your brand’s presence consistent, immersing your audience in your message. With that in mind, Performance TV serves CTV ads only on high-quality TV inventory in-app across top-tier streaming providers.

This means your audience will see your message no matter what device they might be on. We recommend advertisers match the look and feel of their accompanying ads to that of their Connected TV creative. This has two major benefits:

  • It creates a cohesive and consistent message.
  • It creates an “A-ha!” moment. Shoppers are more likely to notice your ads if they’re similar to one they just saw on TV. 
  • This solves for display-only retargeting’s “higher hill to climb” when competing for a user’s attention.

Follow the Numbers and Add Performance TV Retargeting

If retargeting is currently part of your marketing strategy, you should strongly consider adding streaming TV ads to your approach. 

Performance TV retargeting outperforms display-only because it offers more—it gives you the technical advantages of a digital retargeting campaign but adds TV commercials to strengthen your campaign’s impact. And just like a digital an ad channel, it comes equipped with all the reporting and analytics you need to measure success

Don’t limit yourself or your performance by sticking with display-only. It’s time to bring your retargeting onto the big screen—schedule some time to speak to an expert and get started today.