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CTV Viewers are More Likely to Tell A Friend About a Brand

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CTV Viewers are More Likely to Tell A Friend About a Brand

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This year has seen more Americans cut the cord on their cable subscriptions and increase time spent streaming Connected TV. This has led many brands to look and see what effects this will have on the advertising industry at large. And according to a new study from Unruly, advertisers should see these changing habits as good news – after seeing a commercial on ad-supported CTV, users are 71% more likely to tell a friend about a brand than linear TV viewers. Overall, the results of the study show CTV advertising performing better than linear across key indicators.

And it seems like advertisers are taking notice of ad-supported Connected TV. In a survey conducted by the IAB after the New Fronts this year, 53% of media buyers said they were moving broadcast ad dollars over to CTV. Those surveyed cited the flock of new users to CTV brought on by pandemic-driven media trends as their reason for making the switch. Importantly though, in addition to an influx of new users, CTV’s high-quality content, superior targeting, and optimized direct-response performance capabilities makes those higher viewer numbers even more valuable to advertisers.

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