Find Your Audience on the TV Screen First

CTV’s audience segment reporting offers valuable insights for your other ad channels

Find Your Audience on the TV Screen First

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If someone offered you free market research and a way to streamline your ad budget, how quickly would you jump onboard? Believe it or not, you can find these solutions within your Connected TV campaigns.

Alexa Guttroff will be joining Advertising Week to share how to mine your CTV reporting to gather insights that can be used across your advertising mix. Below is just one way you can make the most of your reporting. Be sure to register now to learn how to hack your strategy.

Audience Segment Reporting Reveals Your True Targets

Modern advertising solutions have opened up a world of precise audience targeting. Rather than relying on broad contextual alignment—essentially a guess at where your audience is—the advertising channels of today allow you to find your target, regardless of where they are, regardless of segment size.. As you start to add these various targets to your campaign, how can you tell which audiences are driving the performance metrics? This is where audience segment reporting becomes essential. This report breaks down performance beyond campaign-level metrics, showcasing performance by audience. Armed with these insights, you can be sure you’re only spending on the audiences that are actually interested in your product or service.

When selecting a Connected TV partner, be sure to select one that offers detailed reporting, including audience segment information. This information not only helps inform your future CTV campaign strategy but can be applied across your ad mix. 

Top-Performing Audiences Are Available Across Platforms

Your Connected TV campaigns can then act as a market research tool to determine who is most tuned into your message. As you check your audience segment reporting, take note of the top-performing audiences. Whether you’re launching on a new platform or optimizing your budgets across activated channels, you can carry your top-performing CTV/OTT audiences across the marketing mix, ensuring efficient targeting.

Since many other channels don’t offer this level of reporting granularity, Connected TV becomes the perfect way to gut-check your audience targeting, no matter the channel. While your social campaigns may include multiple audiences, the audience segment report from your CTV campaigns can help you remove the lowest performers. Plus you can prioritize the social platforms the top-performing audiences are using the most, making the most out of your budget.

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This is just one way to use Connected TV to hack your ad mix. To learn more about making your CTV campaigns work double duty, be sure to register for the webinar “Can You Hack It? How Connected TV Can Inform Your Ad Strategy” in partnership with Advertising Week. Register here.