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Gen Z and Millennials Think CTV Ads Are Higher Quality Than Cable Ads

Gen Z and Millennials Think CTV Ads Are Higher Quality Than Cable Ads

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The adage that younger generations are glued to their screens may just be true. But not just any screens — according to recent research from Magna Media Trials and Samsung Ads, over 50% of Gen Z and millennials are diving headfirst into video content on Connected TV, leaving old-school cable and broadcast TV in the dust. That may be, in part, because these viewers think the ads on CTV are better — 60% of Gen Z and 56% of Millennials agreed that CTV featured higher quality ads than cable, and 62% of Gen Z and 67% of Millennials said they’re more relevant. However, both generations are super picky about ad repetition, so when targeting Gen Z and millennial viewers on CTV, be sure to avoid back-to-back ads. By giving them some space and airing the same ad three hours apart, brands are more likely to capture their attention in a positive way.

Another way to capture the attention of younger viewers? Cater to their unique interests. The study found that millennial viewers were receptive to brands that served them multiple variations on their creative, while Gen Z viewers were all about consistency when it came to ad messages. And when it comes to timing those CTV ads, Gen Z night owls are all about those late-night TV commercials, and millennials are tuning in during the classic primetime slots. What’s also intriguing is their ad preferences: Gen Z loves their movie marathons and are up for longer ads, while millennials prefer quick bites of content. Ultimately, if you want to win over these tech-savvy viewers, it’s all about hitting the right timing, showing creativity, and giving them something fresh to watch during their TV escapades.

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