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Gen Z Spends More on Streaming Than Any Other Generation

Gen Z Spends More on Streaming Than Any Other Generation

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Think older generations are spending the most on streaming? Think again. According to a new study from Amdocs, a solid 40% of the tech-savvy Generation Z are dropping between $75 and $100 on digital subscriptions, making them the highest spenders in the streaming world. As streaming services attempt to turn their recent losses into wins, Gen Z’s higher willingness to watch ads may just make them the golden ticket. And they’re not just binge-watching — they’re binge-subscribing, and itching for a centralized hub for all their subscriptions.

That said, their dollars aren’t coming without strings attached. While much of Gen Z is throwing serious cash at their subscriptions, 30% are still side-eyeing that rising bill and feeling a bit shortchanged by their streaming experience. Of course, many of these viewers are looking forward to prospective updates to streaming platforms, like Netflix’s upcoming gaming venture, which could turn their falling opinion of streaming back around. Ultimately, Gen Z are the generation to win over with streaming technology, so if platforms make a point to boost their offerings with features like gaming services and multi-subscription hubs, all the better to earn their loyalty.

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