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Hot Off the Press

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Wait, where did the month go? Real talk, our editorial calendar is quite simply bursting at the seams across webinars, events, guides and more. Do you have a major holiday shopping event or sale coming up? We have a guide for that. As they say, good things come in three, so we released a series of guides to get you ready for Father’s Day, Memorial Day and Fourth of July. It seems that travel is on everyone’s minds at the moment, so we released a new post from our newsroom series that will provide guidance to advertisers who are eager to ride the impending travel wave. Lastly, on the theme of thought leadership, our CEO Mark Douglas was interviewed on Bloomberg, where he weighed in on the latest iOS14 update – and why you’d be doing yourself a disservice to opt-out of ads.

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The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Memorial Day  2021

More travel, more vaccines, more spending – here’s what you need to know to start the summer right.

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How to Reach the Modern-Day Dad This Father’s Day

The performance marketer’s guide to making a memorable impression (without the dad jokes).

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The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Fourth of July

Cookouts are just the beginning. Funnel that summer energy into new categories as we ease into a post-pandemic world.

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From the MNTN Slack – Travel Advertisers Need to Zig

Get a fly on the wall perspective as the MNTN team discusses how travel marketers need to navigate the recovery.

Read the blog post here.

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