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How to Apply a “Set It and Forget It” Mindset This Mother’s Day

While you definitely can’t afford to forget gifts for mom (or that special mother figure in your life), you can afford to give your campaign some breathing room.

How to Apply a “Set It and Forget It” Mindset This Mother’s Day

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Over the past few weeks we have dug deeper into the creative considerations and customer behavior to complement the release of our annual Mother’s Day guide. This week, we wrap up our seasonal content series in a bow with campaign best practices and strategies that require very little legwork, but maximize your efforts. Don’t believe us? Keep reading and we promise we’ll make it worth your while.  

Taking Notes From Content Marketing

When determining what type of messaging gets consumers in the door (or in this case, clicking ‘add to You’re probably wondering how content marketing relates to your Mother’s Day campaigns, and the answer is—more than you think. Here are a few ideas that you may want to consider when setting up either your prospecting or retargeting campaigns:

User profile: Take stock of some of the audience segments that we uncovered earlier this week, and promote different offers depending on the type of buyer persona. For example, local restaurant diners versus spa aficionados will require different sets of creative and/or messaging. This strategy can be applied to all types of digital marketing channels, including television advertising.

Before you balk at the  idea (and cost) of creating multiple television commercials, it’s worth shopping around for a techstack that facilitates the creation process. MNTN’s Creative-as-a-Subscription™  is one service that provides advertisers with multiple, high-quality, A/B tested crafted commercials on a quarterly basis, without having to invest in anything more than their media goals.

Buyer’s Journey: Content marketers create different types of formats depending on where the consumer is in the buyer’s journey—so too should your digital marketing campaigns. Except, think of channels as the type of format. However in this case, not one single device dominates the mindshare of every part of the customer journey as many consumers are using multiple devices—often simultaneously.

A research study by Harvard Business Review found that 73 percent of consumers use multiple channels during their shopping journey— and users interact with an average of six channels in any given journey, with nearly 50 percent regularly using more than four. Lean on multi-device solutions like MNTN Performance TV to reach consumers at these multiple touchpoints, starting with the television screen, then onto their other household devices like mobile, desktop and laptop.

Rethink Your Retargeting

If you really want to close those leads, retargeting is the way to go. Not only does it help to drive conversions at the bottom of the funnel, it is a brand awareness tool, too—and is the reason why 70% of marketers opt for retargeting and beats all other ad placement strategies with a 1,046% efficiency rate. Think of it this way—even if you don’t convert out of every retargeting effort, you are still raising brand awareness and warming up those ‘cold’ leads. This has a multiplier effect over time and helps to build your brand’s credibility. Some retargeting strategies that you might want to consider:

Exclude converted users: It’s one thing to retarget your audience, but it’s another to annoy them out of oblivion (hey, no one said a marketer’s job was easy). Ultimately, the goal is not only to convert, but turn your customers into brand loyalists too (they spend on average 68% more than new customers). So, experiment with excluding users who have just converted, in your upcoming campaigns. Don’t worry, you’ll have the chance to target them again in the future. For recently converted users, consider having different sets of creative to show other products they may be interested in, or even a discount code towards their next purchase.

Post-purchase segmentation: What if you’re an advertiser selling a product or service that required a refill or replacement (for example, a monthly subscription box service)? You can utilize your own CRM email lists of these customers and retarget them using Performance TV too. That way, you get in front of them right when they’re considering to stock up. If you’re using this strategy, be sure to tailor the creative to the type of channel you’re using. For example, on Performance TV you could include call-to-action messaging, but utilize reminder messaging (with less of a conversion push) in the complementary ads that will serve users on their other household devices. This gesture provides value to customers in the moment and helps to drive brand affinity.

Let your ads tell a story: In this case, we’re not talking about a single ad telling a story, but a series of sequential ads that are linked to one another. The first ad could set up the scene, with the following ads following in a linear pattern (or alternative follow ups if you’re experimenting with different messaging/creative). This strategy can be applied to CTV advertising too. Take some weight off your shoulders on the creative front, through QuickFrame by MNTN’s network of global creators, who can produce video creative within a short turnaround.

And that wraps up our three-part Mother’s Day seasonal content series. Keep your eyes peeled as we will be launching our Father’s Day content in no time and will be sharing new Connected TV insights with you soon.