How to Increase Brand Awareness: 10 Strategies for Success

How to Increase Brand Awareness: 10 Strategies for Success

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Figuring out how to increase brand awareness is a persistent challenge for every business decision-maker. Overcoming that hurdle means devising and executing an exemplary brand awareness strategy that leverages multiple touchpoints and complementary channels. 

Let’s explore ten strategies that you can use to increase your brand awareness and gain traction among the right audiences:

1. Social Media Marketing

Learning how to build brand awareness on social media requires practice and a nuanced approach. You’ll first need to identify which platforms are most popular among your target demographic; then you’ll design a strategy that appeals to their unique preferences and interests. 

Today’s platforms offer multiple ways to interact with your audience, be it posting videos or responding to comments, but no matter which form your posts take, being engaging and consistent with them is how you’ll connect with your audience on a personal level. 

2. Content Marketing

Paid ads have an important place in any brand awareness strategy, but great content still reigns supreme, and you’ll need plenty of it if you plan to strengthen and maintain your brand awareness. 

Blog posts, videos, and imagery are all powerful types of content you can deploy but the most important thing to remember when generating them is that the goal isn’t just to push your product. You want to give your audience content they will enjoy consuming — something that tells a story and delivers value. In doing so, the sales opportunities will develop organically. 

3. Influencer Partnerships

Building your following on social media can take quite some time if you go it alone, but teaming up with influencers can accelerate your path into the spotlight and get your content in front of thousands of new prospective customers, all at once.

Influencers lend you some of the credibility they’ve cultivated and bring authenticity to your message. While consumers may be hesitant to trust a brand they aren’t familiar with, they might give you the benefit of the doubt when they see that their favorite influencer is showcasing your products. 

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about making your content easier to find online. The better you are at it, the higher your rankings on search engines will become, in turn increasing the odds of getting noticed by the right audiences.

While on-site content is a big component of SEO, it’s only part of the equation. You’ll also need to master the technical aspects of SEO, as well, such as ensuring adequate page load times.

5. Paid Advertising (Online and Offline)

Organic reach is great, but there are times when you’ll need an extra push. After all, optimizing your content for organic search takes time. Paid advertising, both online and offline, can give your brand awareness strategy the boost it needs to extend your reach while you wait for your own SEO efforts to gain traction.

There are numerous ways to engage in paid advertising. A few examples include connected TV, social media, and (perhaps most obviously) Google Ads. When investing in paid advertising, make sure to take advantage of targeting features so you can connect with specific audiences. 

6. Public Relations and Media Outreach

You can’t put a price on excellent public relations (PR); doing good and letting media outlets showcase your efforts is a fantastic way of catapulting your brand into the public eye. 

With that said, there are countless ways to obtain some positive PR. Sponsor your local sports league, participate in a city parade, or just get out and serve the community. When your brand does good, people are going to take notice. 

7. Referral Programs

Even in our highly digital world, word of mouth remains a powerful tool that can easily increase brand awareness. Referral programs can get people excited enough to tell others about your brand.

You don’t need to offer ridiculous incentives in your programs, either. Just offering something as simple as free shipping or a 5% discount on someone’s next order is often more than enough to get people talking.

8. Sponsorships and Event Marketing

Sponsoring events or engaging in event marketing can put your brand in front of an attentive audience. You’ll be connecting with people who are already intrigued by the content presented at the event, which makes boosting awareness that much easier.

Still, it’s important to choose events that align with your brand values and beliefs. When you sponsor something, consumers will view that as an endorsement of whatever goes on at the event. Therefore, you should avoid any sponsorships that may spark controversy. 

9. Email Marketing Campaigns 

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful tools to increase brand awareness, and it’s super affordable, to boot. You can deliver personalized emails to keep your brand on consumers’ minds, nurture leads, and convert prospects into loyal customers.

To make the most of your email marketing efforts, you’ll need to segment your audiences based on demographic data and their stage in the greater customer journey — for instance, you won’t want to send past customers and new leads the same email content.

10. CTV and OTT Advertising 

Connected TV advertising and Over-the-Top (OTT) advertising offer a unique blend of opportunities, allowing you to capitalize on the reach of traditional TV ads and the performance capabilities of digital advertising. You’ll enjoy total control over your content and audiences while simultaneously gathering detailed insights about the reach of each of your campaigns. 

CTV Advertising Takes Brand Awareness to the Next Level

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Brand Awareness Strategy: Final Thoughts 

Knowing how to increase brand awareness is a task that is part science and part art — and, for many brands, part luck. That said, you can take the guesswork out of your brand awareness strategy by using proven best practices and delivering content on measurable channels. 

When you know what works and what doesn’t, you can cultivate strategies that will work for your business and create content that ensures you get noticed by the right audiences.