Improving Customer Loyalty, Live Sports on CTV, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Improving Customer Loyalty, Live Sports on CTV, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Looking to stay on top of the marketing news from this week? We created this roundup so you can see it all in one place. 

In digital marketing news, many brands are looking to make an impact by committing to improving their customer loyalty. In a recent article from MediaPost, they detail some of the ways you can do just that. First up, make your brand more available to consumers. By putting marketing dollars towards making it easier for consumers to contact you with questions, your brand can showcase a commitment to your customers and gain their loyalty before they even make a purchase. MediaPost also recommends developing a loyalty program. By providing a loyalty program that resonates with customers and speaks to their interests, your brand can showcase that you understand them. And finally, one of the best ways to improve customer loyalty is to create a holistic picture of their behavior. This can be achieved by analyzing customer data, using the attributes that you have captured, and then surveying that same group to fill any gaps.

And in Connected TV news, it looks like live sports fans are taking advantage of this platform to watch their favorite content. A recent report from Magnite found that live sports streaming now accounts for 30% of all CTV streaming. Previously, sports fans were one of the main audiences that were keeping traditional cable alive. But with more and more streaming services offering live coverage of sports content, many viewers have been cutting the cord and choosing Connected TV as their preferred channel. And considering that live sports streamers are more likely to discover new products, remember ads, and make a purchase than traditional TV viewers, this is good news for advertisers running their campaigns through CTV. 

Check out the rest of the top headlines in the list below. 


It’s Time to Reframe How We Think About Augmented Reality – Search. Video. Sponsored posts. These are all ad formats meant for digital consumption: The audience engagement is passive in nature, and, often, your audience is probably just waiting for the skip button or scrolling through endless pages of content and feeds.

Get Ahead of Your Competition With 2022’s Must-Have Digital-Marketing Trends – The digital ecosystem has been continually changing and expanding, particularly since the pandemic began in 2019. From the minute consumers wake up in the morning, companies are trying to sell to them.  

Focus on the Facts and Stop Guessing Who Your Future Customers Are  – As an industry, marketers frequently rely on audience segments to define who to target with digital media. This is a performance-limiting approach because it’s based on who you think your customer is—not who they actually are.

How To Achieve Loyalty-Driven Bottom Lines – As we continue into what can only be described as a retention marketing boom – a time when virtually all businesses are trying to retain customers at lightning speeds while facing pandemic-related challenges — brands must place emphasis on loyalty strategies to compete.

3 Personalization Innovations to Expect From Digital Advertising – There are three areas where advancements in personalization would pave the way for better advertising experiences that perform better—and also cultivate meaningful connections between brands and consumers. 


How Roku Plans to Battle Connected TV Ad Fraud – Roku has developed a new anti-fraud technology for connected TV advertisers as the whole industry looks for safeguards to prevent scammers from stealing ad dollars by “spoofing” devices that mimic viewers.

These Are the Audience Segments at the Forefront of a Rapidly Changing Streaming Video Landscape – The video landscape is changing. The percentage of households that have waved goodbye to linear cable has grown from one in five households in 2019 to one in three households in 2021, according to Comscore OTT Intelligence.  

Coinbase Cashes In on QR Codes – It was one of the most talked-about ads of the night. No celebrity talent, no voiceover, no special effects—just a simple color-changing QR code, bouncing around the screen like a DVD screensaver of yesteryear. But it had everyone talking.

Consumers and Viewers Expect More From the Future of Television – The emergence of streaming has changed the way we watch TV. And the fact that streaming services are rapidly replacing the hours we have traditionally spent watching network and cable TV is only half the story.

Live Sports Streaming Now Accounts for 30% of All Connected TV Streaming – For a long time, it was sports fans keeping traditional cable TV alive, but that is changing too. According to a new report from Magnite, live sports streaming now accounts for 30% of all CTV streaming.

IAS is Prioritizing Trust as it Adds CTV Sales to its Business Model – In 2021, Integral Ad Science (IAS) took the plunge into the connected TV space with the acquisition of Publica, a company that sells ad inventory for CTV publishers.  


TikTok Looks to the Year Ahead – TikTok released the TikTok What’s Next Report 2022 Thursday, using its learnings from 2021 to predict how this year will play out. 

Advertisers Increasingly Turning To Mobile & Digital Advertising – The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which triggered a paradigm shift in the way individuals use different apps, has positively impacted market growth in the digital media and digital marketing markets. 

Keeping Up with the eSports Opportunity – There is both an art and a science to in-game advertising – and the possibilities are infinite. But as the field grows, so does competition.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.