Local Marketing Strategies, Digital Events, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Local Marketing Strategies, Digital Events, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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There was a lot to cover this week in marketing news. To make it easier for you to keep on top of the most important stories, we compiled a list of the many headlines that caught our eye. 

This week saw plenty of recommendations for how marketers can effectively advertise despite the many changes that have occurred this year. Digital Media Solutions explored how big brands can use local strategies to effectively connect with consumers in the communities where their businesses are located. They recommend that these businesses utilize geotargeting to target consumers based on their first-party data, and employ the use of coupons and other promotions to increase brand loyalty. The Next Web also has some ideas for how marketers can participate in and run digital events to finish out the year strong. With the shutdown causing many in-person events to be cancelled indefinitely, many brands are turning to digital routes in order to recreate the community these events have provided in the past. The Next Web has some recommendations for ensuring digital events are worth the attendee’s time, including creating a digital events battle plan, implementing KPI tracking, and trying a few digital events to test out strategies.

And in Connected TV news, political campaigns are continuing their streak of CTV adoption as the elections rapidly approach. Campaign & Elections has reported that part of this rise in popularity has to do with Connected TV’s ability to let political advertisers find and connect with registered voters as they spend more time at home. TV has always been one of the main ways that campaigns get in touch with their constituents – so as viewers continue to cut the cord on their cable subscriptions, Connected TV has been playing a larger role this election cycle.

Here is the rest of the marketing news that’s grabbed our attention this week.


Why digital events should be part of your marketing mix – With no in-person events taking place since March, companies need to look at alternatives – and the opportunity for companies to participate in and sponsoring digital events is arguably equal or even bigger than in-person events.

Digital Marketing Execs Discuss Changing Ad Marketplace – Consumers are increasingly turning toward connected television streaming platforms, thereby transforming the landscape of TV advertising, and the ways marketers and storytellers reach target audiences.


What Is Connected TV, and What Is Driving Its Growth? – eMarketer forecasting analysts discuss the evolving landscape of advertising through connected TV devices and how Roku stands out from the competition. 

Connected TV 2020: The Ultimate Guide – With CBS All Access soon morphing into Paramount Plus, and HBO Max introducing a less-expensive ad-supported tier this summer, the Connected TV market is in a constant state of flux. How is an educated consumer to keep up?

Why CTV Is Key For Political Advertisers This Election Cycle – With the presidential election rapidly approaching, political advertising is well underway. It is a year like none other in so many ways, but there is one thing both sides of the aisle are getting behind—advertising on connected TV (CTV).

How Roku Finally Got a Deal Done for Peacock – Two months after its initial launch, Comcast’s Peacock is finally available on Roku devices. The deal came shortly after Comcast’s NBCUniversal threatened to remove all of its apps from Roku’s channel store, sparking a new round of negotiations. 


In a stay-at-home world, mobile marketing matters. Here’s why… – As marketers grapple with how to reach customers in what is still a largely stay-at-home world, mobile marketing is as important as ever.

Half of US adults play mobile games daily – Prior to this year’s COVID-19 prompted boom, games were far and away the most popular mobile app category. With the availability of games that appeal to broader audiences, people are spending more and more time and money on mobile gaming.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.