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MNTN Announces Measurement Integration With Rockerbox

MNTN Announces Measurement Integration With Rockerbox

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Road Trip! It’s Time To Drive (Some Serious Revenue).

The journey that is 2024 has already begun, and for most marketers, CTV is in the (revenue) driver’s seat. A recent study conducted by Digiday and MNTN found that marketers are relying on Connected TV now more than ever to acquire customers, generate meaningful revenue, and grow their businesses. 


  • 76% of advertisers said CTV is either moderately or very significant to their advertising campaigns
  • 24% of brands expect CTV will bring in 60-80% of their revenue in 2024 — a year ago, it was just 7% of brands
  • 66% of advertisers have reallocated social media funds to CTV

With great investment comes great responsibility. As more marketers increase their investment in MNTN Performance TV, having full visibility into how MNTN influences their customers’ paths-to-purchase has never been more critical. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce MNTN’s official integration with Rockerbox. 

With this integration, marketers can now accurately measure the influence of their Connected TV advertising on conversions and revenue alongside their other marketing channels directly in the Rockerbox platform. 

If CTV is in the driver’s seat this year, then Rockerbox is riding shotgun, providing the directions marketers need to reach their destination (aka awesome performance).

Verified Visits™, Meet Rockerbox

MNTN’s proprietary Verified Visits™ attribution has become the gold standard in CTV, and now it’s fully integrated with Rockerbox’s measurement platform. With Verified Visits™, Rockerbox’s marketers gain the confidence that site visits will only be attributed to connected TV ads when those ads actually prompted users to take action. They also gain a cookieless, future-proof form of CTV measurement they can rely on as cookies begin to get deprecated. 

“We first launched Verified Visits to give marketers a way to accurately measure the real site traffic and conversions they were generating with their CTV campaigns,” says MNTN Chief Product Officer Marwan Soghaier. “Marketers need to be able to measure the performance delivered by all of their marketing channels in the same source of truth. With Rockerbox and other third party integrations, marketers can keep a consistent approach to measurement, empowering better decisioning and ultimately stronger performance.” 

The Path Forward Has Never Been Clearer.

By integrating Verified Visits™ with Rockerbox, marketers can now accurately assess the effectiveness of their MNTN campaigns, and the impact of Performance TV has never been more evident. 

In initial integration testing:

  • 70% of advertisers saw CTV CPAs between 18-33% lower than their top spending acquisition channels (ex. Paid Social, TV)
  • Advertisers saw an 18% lower CPA with MNTN CTV than traditional linear TV 
  • Advertisers saw up to a 5x increase in attributed conversions and an 82% improvement in CPA with Verified Visits data compared to the performance with default impression-to-IP matching, alone

Marketers like Michael Rossini, Associate Director of Paid Media and Performance Marketing at National University, are already using the integration to gain an edge.  “Integrating MNTN’s Verified Visits with Rockerbox’s precise measurement platform has been extremely effective in analyzing performance,” says Rossini. “We are now able to measure the performance of National University’s Connected TV campaigns alongside our other marketing channels and use that unbiased measurement to better inform strategic decisions. The knowledge gained has enhanced confidence as we scale our CTV campaigns.”

MNTN + Rockerbox

MNTN’s position as the leader in Performance TV helps advertisers drive unparalleled performance with their TV marketing campaigns, and now, our integration with Rockerbox gives even more marketers full visibility into how much their MNTN campaigns impact their bottom line in their preferred measurement platform. It’s never been easier to justify your investment and use Connected TV to optimize across your entire marketing mix. 

Ready to explore the integration? Reach out for a 1-1 demo below.