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More Than 50% of TV Viewership in 2023 Is on CTV

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More Than 50% of TV Viewership in 2023 Is on CTV

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According to the latest research from Comscore, a whopping 81% of U.S. households with Wi-Fi are streaming TV, with cord-cutters now outnumbering linear holdouts for the first time (44% to 41%). And that’s not all — from May 2022 to May 2023, U.S. households cranked up their binge-watching game, boosting their total Connected TV consumption by 20% to 11.5 billion hours. That jump brought CTV viewership more than half of all TV viewing time, surpassing linear TV.

But the love affair with cable isn’t quite over — advertisers are still swiping right on linear TV for now. Despite mass migration to CTV on the consumer side, ad buyers revealed that they’re splurging 60% of their ad budget on linear TV and only 40% on CTV. This is in part due to sports content, notoriously one of the last linear holdouts in the big transition. However, the streaming party’s just getting started, and as digital platforms continue snapping up major sporting league rights, it’s only a matter of time before that pendulum also swings in favor of Connected TV. 

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