Political Advertising Changes, Post-Lockdown Strategizing, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Political Advertising Changes, Post-Lockdown Strategizing, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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This week in digital marketing news, we explore what the future of digital advertising may look like due to the rapid changes that have taken place over the last few months. According to CEO Magazine, consumers have unsurprisingly turned more to digital to carry out their day-to-day activities, and have shown no sign of easing their online behavior as restrictions lessen. Businesses should be taking extra care when planning their marketing strategies to take stock of these changes, so they can better adapt to this new advertising landscape. 

And in Connected TV news, political advertisers are looking to make an impact through the use of streaming and OTT ads. While political ad spend was already expected to reach all time highs this year, changes in circumstance have made that even more true. eMarketer has predicted that $4.55 billion will be spent on TV by political campaigns, making up 66% of their budgets. And with the TV upfronts cancelled and more and more consumers cutting the cord, these campaigns are looking for new ways to get their message out there. This year CTV will be that channel, allowing advertisers to target local audiences with more precision than broadcast or cable TV advertising. This will end up marking a turning point for political ad spending moving forward.

Here are the rest of the marketing headlines that caught our eye this week. 


Crucial digital marketing tips for a post-pandemic business environment – During lockdowns consumers have been turning to digital more and more, therefore digital marketing is a key strategy to stay in touch with your existing customers and reach new ones at the same time.

ASEOHosting: Brands to Embrace Digital Marketing in Wake – The coronavirus pandemic will force brands to embrace digital marketing more than ever before, announced Daniel Page, Director of Business Development at ASEOHosting.

COVID-19: Small businesses should focus on quick sales, not branding – Right now most small businesses don’t need branding, they need to make a sale now. Given that, here are some digital marketing moves that will help you do just that.

The Emergence Of B2C2B Marketing – Since the rise of social media, creative marketers have been exploring the possibilities of reaching business stakeholders and decision makers through social media, creating the B2C2B marketing model.  

The Real Value of ROI for Marketing Campaigns – Every new campaign for a marketeer brings with it uncertainty and risk, but knowing when and how to measure the results of their actions can be key to achieving success.

In defence of the buyer persona – Personas 100% still have a place in the digital marketer’s toolbox, now more than ever. We’ve never lived in a time or place where you can go and you can get that marketing intelligence so easily.


HBO Max Launches: What Is Its Place In The Connected TV Landscape? – The waiting game is over and HBO Max is now formally a part of the Connected TV (CTV) pantheon. That said, where exactly should we place HBO Max in that world?

The TV commercial, once advertising’s main event, suffers in the pandemic – With the Summer Games postponed and campaign rallies on lockdown, television advertising revenue is likely to drop 12% this year, according to a projection by the research firm MoffettNathanson. 

How TV Advertisers Can Prepare For The 2020 Election Cycle – With the 2020 presidential election only a few months away, it is time for advertisers to take stock and bake the usual inventory tightness into their media plans.

COVID-19 Themed Ads Surge, Approaches One Fifth Of All TV Creative Units – In the thick of massive TV advertising changes at the end of March through mid-April, Nielsen says the number of COVID-19-related TV ad creatives airing on national TV and local TV stations doubled over the three-week period.

Why Post-Lockdown Business Revolves Around Digital Marketing  – As we come out of lockdown, the focus must shift toward customised digital marketing, with every element designed with a brand’s target audience and key goals at its core.


TikTok sees 10x surge in April with in-app revenue of $78M  – TikTok and its Chinese version Douyin last month saw a 10-fold surge in user spending to $78 million, pushing the app ahead of YouTube to become the highest-earning non-game app.

Millennials are using their previous commuting time for mobile gaming: report – Due to the prolonged “work from home” mandates, Millennials are spending their former commute times on mobile video gaming.

Two years in – the industry reflects on the impact of GDPR – Yesterday marked the two-year anniversary of the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), one of the most far-reaching pieces of legislation brought in to protect the interest of consumers.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.