The Impacts of COVID-19, Social Media Responses, & the Shifting Mobile Market | Midweek Marketing News

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The Impacts of COVID-19, Social Media Responses, & the Shifting Mobile Market | Midweek Marketing News

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As the world creates new systems for dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 along with self-isolation mandates, marketers are adjusting the plans they made at the beginning of the year. In the news this week, many sources have recommendations for how to weather this storm. While the influx of at-home workers can seem like an opportunity for digital marketers who use audience data to drive their campaigns, many articles emphasize the importance of acting thoughtfully to survive this crisis in order to protect both consumers and your brand reputation. 

Many companies have been making an impact by donating to organizations and causes fighting this virus. Twitter and Facebook both pledged millions to the World Health Organization and local reporting outlets, respectively. Donations like this will help to protect their brands moving forward, and other businesses might consider following in their footsteps during this shift in user behavior. There has also been news about the mobile marketing world, which was already in a period of growth and change before these events started. In one article on the behavior of consumers using their phones in-store, they reported that shoppers have been increasing their mobile use while in brick-and-mortar locations. So as shoppers increasingly try and cut down on the time they spend exposed to the outside world, mobile devices can become a useful tool in streamlining the in-store shopping experience.

MNTN has been keeping up-to-date oo the top headlines making an impact over the last few days. Here are some of the articles in marketing news that grabbed our attention.


Coronavirus Impact Marketing Advertising Best Practices – “When people and companies start capitalizing on an opportunity like this, for the at-home shopper, it reeks of opportunism and strikes the wrong tone,” says Ellen Niven of NivenBreen.

Coronavirus causing ‘unprecedented volatility’ in online marketingPerformance marketing has a new opportunity as people live more of their lives online and consume digital channels for which marketing activity can be measured and optimised. 

MRC Warns About COVID-19 Effect On Media Audience Measurement 03/31/2020 – The Media Rating Council recently advised media audience measurement services to maintain “data quality in the face of unprecedented challenges presented by the current Coronavirus crisis.”

Why Businesses Must Rely on Digital Marketing to Beat COVID-19 – In the coming months, businesses have to rely more on digital marketing to survive the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s why.

Making The Most Of Your Marketing Team During COVID-19 – Some marketers are in crisis mode, and others are in a wait-and-see mode. Here are a few tips to make the most of marketing teams during this time of uncertainty.

How to Adjust Your Marketing Plan for the New 2020 – Should marketers stick with the tried and tested, or opt for a new process? If they are still on the fence about how to adjust their plan, here are a few examples to help marketers along the way.


Instagram Launches New Co-Watching Feature to Help Users Connect Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns – Instagram is adding a new feature which aims to help users connect via video chat, with the option of also scrolling through their Instagram feed while still connected via video link.

5 Content Marketing Trends to Help You Through the Coronavirus Chaos [Infographic] – As marketers look to steer their business through the coronavirus chaos, Grazitti Interactive recommends utilizing video content, interactive content, and more in their new infographic.

TikTok Pledges $10 Million to World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Response Efforts – “We believe it’s essential to do everything we can to help the global health community in this fight, and today TikTok is donating $10 million to [WHO’s] Solidarity Response Fund.”

Facebook Aims $100 Million at Media Hit by the Coronavirus – With grants and marketing spending, the social media giant hopes to support outlets doing essential local reporting but struggling with a drop in advertising.

How Influencer Marketing is helping the public fight COVID-19 – As coronavirus dominates social media, brands and influencers can use content as a front-line defense against the disease.


Gen Z(ero Ownership): More Willing to Subscribe Than Make a Purchase – Mobile consumers are now more willing to pay for a subscription service than a one-time purchase, according to an analysis of 992 apps and over 349 billion mobile impressions.

8 Technologies and How You Should Be Marketing With Them in 2020 – It’s not using technology that makes you win, it’s being the first to use it that does.

Things You Need to Do Today to Launch Your Mobile Marketing Strategy – Today’s consumers spend a lot of time on their mobile device, making it imperative that businesses start exploring the immense potential of mobile marketing.

Mastering The Art And Science Of Creatives In The Shifting Mobile Ad Market – In a market where people crave personal experiences and bypass ads they feel miss the mark, the pressure is on marketers to deliver relevant and riveting ad creatives that engage consumers, rather than annoy them.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.