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Travel Ad Spend on Connected TV Was Up 390% YOY for the First Half of 2021

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Travel Ad Spend on Connected TV Was Up 390% YOY for the First Half of 2021

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After over a year of lockdown, it’s no surprise that many consumers are eager to take their long-awaited vacations this summer. In fact, Expedia Group’s 2021 Travel Trends Report found that 44% of travelers have been planning to take more trips in 2021 than last year. And with the fall holiday season just around the corner, there is a unique opportunity available for travel brands looking to shake off the uncertainty of the pandemic and advertise to future travelers. According to a new report from TVSquared, while the number of travel advertisers has not quite reached pre-COVID levels, it was up 30% in May as compared to the peak months of the pandemic. 

And one channel in particular is seeing a huge rise in advertiser interest and spend. TVSquared found that compared to the first half of 2020, Connected TV travel ad spend was up 390% during the same period in 2021. June also saw the highest level of CTV spend by travel brands in their history. This may come as no surprise to those familiar with Connected TV advertising – the visual impact of the big screen combined with the reporting power of digital makes this channel uniquely qualified to deliver travel ads to consumers. So as the competition between travel brands looking to gain the attention of hopeful travellers begins to heat up over the rest of the year, those looking to help their campaigns stand out from the crowd should be considering adding Connected TV to their marketing mixes.

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