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US Retail Media CTV Ad Spend Will Reach $5.63 Billion by 2027

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US Retail Media CTV Ad Spend Will Reach $5.63 Billion by 2027

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There’s nothing like a little retail therapy — and it looks like streaming platforms are very aware of that fact. A new eMarketer article suggests the future of television lies in symbiotic retail media partnerships, judging from the surge experts are anticipating in US retail media CTV ad spend. Forecasts are projecting staggering growth, from $813 million currently to a massive $5.63 billion by 2027. eMarketer cites a number of reasons for this shift: retailers are expanding their horizons with off-site ads, streamers are harnessing first-party data for precise ad targeting, and brands are going beyond conventional search ads and diving deeper into the customer journey.

These innovative partnerships are expanding rapidly, popularity-wise, as retailers and streaming platforms work together through CTV advertising deals. Roku in particular stands out as a major player — they’ve established strategic alliances with industry giants like The Kroger Co., Instacart, and Best Buy. Meanwhile, Walmart and NBCUniversal have also collaborated to tap into the potential of retail media CTV partnerships. For these retail brands, other channels can’t serve both branding and performance goals like CTV ads can. As this landscape evolves and retail media giants continue to shop deals with streaming platforms ‘til they drop, the growing complexity and interconnectivity of the retail media CTV partnerships will help foster innovation and ultimately reshape the television landscape.

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