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Who’s Your Audience? Summer 2023 Edition

We share some of the weird, wonderful, and unexpected audience segments to tap into for your future campaigns.

Who’s Your Audience? Summer 2023 Edition

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Advertising over summer is a little like the swells during surf season—calm and steady, but the best time to sharpen those skills in time for the peak winter swells (in this case, Q4). Our performance data shows that summer-friendly verticals like clothing and accessories, sporting goods, and home categories boomed last summer, and in some cases more than doubled (travel, we’re looking at you). Even macroeconomic factors haven’t been enough to sway travel spending—64% of U.S. consumers say they’re budgeting the same amount or more than they did for summer 2022.

Some may say that summer bodies are made in the winter, but in CTV advertising, it’s the other way around. The summer months are ripe with opportunity, where you can test, learn, and optimize your evergreen campaigns so you’re fully prepared for the busy Q4 season. For now, take a peek at some of these in-market audiences that you can apply ASAP to your campaigns before switching on those OOOs.

Audience Name: Labor Day & End of Summer Sales Shoppers

Audience Provider: Mastercard

Why they’re valuable: All good things (like summer) must come to an end, but the silver lining is that the last “unofficial” day of summer like Labor Day, is prime time for shoppers to start getting their fall necessities in order.

Audience Name: Summer Fun

Audience Provider: ShareThis

Why they’re valuable: “Summer” and “Fun” go together like yin and yang, but who knew we’d find it buried in the many third-party segments named “summer”? This segment captures the sentiment of the season—and, of course, everyone who’s shopping during it.

Audience Name: Travel Spenders

Why they’ve valuable: This season can be sweltering, but you know what else is hot in summer? Travel. Our recently launched summer guide to Performance TV guide revealed that the total amount spent on flights was 5x (!) greater in summer 2022 versus summer 2021. Oh, and spending on travel accessories was 60% higher during the same time frame. 

Audience Name: Trust TV Media the Most

Audience Provider: Acxiom

Why they’re valuable: Customers prioritize quality, price, and brand reputation when scouting for deals, but you know what also matters? Trust. Industry research reveals that 73% of customers will unsubscribe if they sense their data privacy has been violated, and worst still—may decide not to buy at all.

Audience Name: Amazon Prime Day Shoppers

Audience Provider: Comscore

Why they’re valuable: Another unofficial summer “holiday” for the books is Amazon Prime Day, which ran last week and captured the minds (and wallets) of approximately 86% of shoppers. But perhaps the biggest takeaway is that these shoppers are clearly on the hunt for summer deals—which means they’re an ideal group to find on CTV, too.