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Your MNTN Audience Builder Just Got the HGTV Treatment

Your MNTN Audience Builder Just Got the HGTV Treatment

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Our engineers are obsessed with precise audiences. They’re also VERY into reruns of Property Brothers. So naturally, they couldn’t wait to put their passions together and remodel MNTN’s audience builder. Now, with MNTN’s Universal Audiences, you can build TV audiences with the same control, ease, and precision of paid social advertising.

We know you’re going to love it (and not list it—mostly because there’s nothing to list). 

We Took Down the Wall Between Your First Party and Third Party Audiences.

Now, you can access all of your first- and third-party audience data in one place. (Who doesn’t love an open floor plan?) Go ahead and try out nearly endless combinations of inclusions, exclusions, and connective statements to hone your exact customer profile for optimal performance.

We’ve made it easy to create and store specific geographic lists, CRM lists, and first-party audience segments for convenient reuse, too, so your campaign setup is always quick and seamless.

We Upgraded Your Pipes With LiveRamp.

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve partnered with LiveRamp to bolster your prospecting campaigns. Over 85,000 LiveRamp and Oracle segments are now integrated directly into the MNTN platform, covering an extensive range of audience interests, purchasing histories, in-market signals, and more. It’s never been easier to craft your precise customer profile, achieve more qualified reach, and deliver better performance, at scale.

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*In this context, this stands for “Helpful Guru of Performance TV.” …We’re workshopping it.