MNTN Unveils Generative AI-Powered Video Editing Platform

MNTN Unveils Generative AI-Powered Video Editing Platform

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(From Ad Age)–Performance marketing company MNTN is introducing a video editing platform that hinges on the creative capabilities of generative AI.

The platform, called MNTN Viva, is set to launch later this year. It allows marketers to leverage various AI solutions in order to create and edit their video content. For example, if a client wants to create a spot from stock footage, AI-generated media and owned assets, it could throw it all into Viva and use its generative AI offerings to develop the video. Other aspects of a potential concept, such as scripts, music and voiceovers, can also be constructed inside Viva. 

“Generative AI will bring a new level of speed and lower cost to everything from script creation to storyboarding, to getting those seconds of video you wish you shot,” MNTN President and CEO Mark Douglas said in a statement.

Importantly, Viva does not incorporate AI owned by MNTN, but rather integrates APIs (application programming interfaces) of third-party AI tools. These include APIs from OpenAI, text-to-speech software company ElevenLabs and AI music generator Soundraw.

APIs have played a large role in the growth of enterprise generative AI, effectively allowing third parties to leverage the software without establishing formal partnerships with their creators. Other ways that marketers have become involved are through such partnerships, as well as platform-specific features such as ChatGPT plugins.

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