MNTN to Leverage Newly Introduced Capabilities from Index Exchange

MNTN to Leverage Newly Introduced Capabilities from Index Exchange

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Excerpt from Index Exchange: Index Exchange Inc. (Index), one of the world’s largest independent ad exchanges, today announced new Connected TV (CTV) capabilities that continue to optimize its re-architected omnichannel exchange built to address existing inefficiencies within the market. The newly introduced capabilities include deals targeting dimensions that allow media owners to merchandise their premium inventory more efficiently, giving buyers the ability to better curate inventory that matches their marketing strategy and ultimately driving more ad spend to publishers. The capabilities were built specifically for CTV buying.

“We’ve spent the last year improving and innovating for our omnichannel platform, adding significant capabilities to set up a seamless experience in creating and executing deals on our exchange. This has allowed us to connect leading media buyers with relevant, premium inventory, and efficiently execute these deals with great results,” said Evan Krauss, senior vice president of buyer development at Index. “Index is reimagining CTV advertising, helping marketers make the most of their investments while bringing clarity and transparency to the supply chain.”

The first buyer to leverage Index’s newly introduced capabilities MNTN, the leader in performance TV, who has hundreds of top brands leveraging their self-serve platform to buy CTV optimized for direct-response marketing goals. 

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