Creative Power: The (Human) Secrets to CTV Ads that Convert

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The creative future is looking bright for advertisers. AI is well on its way to being a driving force for creative ideation, but the human element is as important as ever — if not more so. 48% of adults don’t yet trust companies that use AI as much as those that don’t. And when you need results today, the human touch can help you deliver. Luckily, it’s never been easier to produce effective performance-driving creative and pair it with the right technology that delivers results.
Join MNTN to learn about the creative trailblazers already finding key ways to make CTV creative work for them. They’ll share real results from brands that use these simple practices and spill valuable advice QuickFrame usually reserves for clients new to the CTV space. You’ll come away with a simple playbook to help you stand out and succeed on the TV screen today.
Creative Power: The (Human) Secrets to CTV Ads that Convert

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