Gotta Go FAST: Following Audiences into the Next Wave of Streaming

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What This Session Is About

Let’s face it: the entertainment industry is going to look a little different over the next year and change. Ok, a lot different. Without popular tentpole shows to keep new (and returning) subscribers flocking to premium networks, advertisers are entering a harsh (hopefully brief) reality where fresh content is hard to come by. Recent shifts in ad spend have routed more dollars to reruns than to new shows, which has opened a major opportunity for advertisers to soften the blow — so long as they can keep a finger on the pulse of where their audiences are watching.

In this session, MNTN’s Ali Haeri, SVP of Marketing, will get into why brands need to stay hyper-aware of audience behavior as the entertainment industry cools in 2024. Whether it’s on FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming) networks or premium channels with deep content libraries, audiences are destined to be streaming their favorite comfort watches throughout next year, and your ads can be right there to engage them. Streaming TV ads are a must-have in your marketing mix in any climate and we’re here to give you the inside scoop on how to stay connected to your audience, wherever and however they may be watching. 

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