How Connected TV Brings Much-Needed Agility to TV Advertising

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What This Session Is About

Oliver Embry helped build cutting-edge traffic and retail strategies for adidas, and now leads the charge on advertiser product innovation at MNTN. His experience creating effective and unexpected tactics for retailers has led to countless revenue wins. So with an ever-changing cultural and economic climate—the looming supply chain crisis being the latest example—what opportunities does he see for savvy marketers looking to navigate fluid scenarios that call for quick action?

Join MNTN’s Oliver Embry on December 1st, 12:25pm ET, 9:15am PT. He’ll explore how Connected TV, whether as a net-new channel, or a performance-focused addition to existing strategy, can help advertisers both big and small nimbly adapt to the latest events, trends and environments—all while still delivering on vital KPIs.

How Connected TV Brings Much-Needed Agility to TV Advertising

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