Just Keep Growing: The Surprising Effects of Adding CTV to Your Marketing Mix

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What This Session Is About

Inflation is up. Spending is down. And now the advertiser’s favorite targeting treat — the cookie — is crumbling. This has led to D2C marketing budgets feeling the pinch lately, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend money to make money. You just have to think smarter. Recent CTV innovations — including some you may have missed — are helping brands do just that by fueling growth efficiency, new customer acquisition strategies, and measurement capabilities that prove campaign success.

Join MNTN as they reveal how these powerful new CTV capabilities make it easier for D2C brands to boost consumer loyalty and drop economic pressures. From affinity-based targeting to machine learning technology that automatically optimizes ads for peak performance, MNTN will show you how TV can be a growth engine in both good times and bad.

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