Resiliency Through CTV: Why The Retail Revolution Will Be Televised

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What This Session Is About

If you’re reading this, congrats: you made it to 2023. That’s no small feat for retail brands in an uncertain economic climate. But while that’s something to celebrate, more challenges are on the horizon. Ripple effects from the supply-chain crises, fickle consumer sentiment, and—oh yeah—consumption behavior that continues to evolve after being rocked by a once-in-a-century pandemic. It’s a new world, and the old marketing strategies are about as useful today as a phone book listing.

Join Oliver Embry, Director of Product Innovation at MNTN, as he pulls the shrinkwrap off the freshest TV ad strategies for retailers. From using first-party data to personalize ads and convert cart abandoners, to streamlining your ad creative process, this is your chance to learn how to stay resilient—and thrive—in the face of whatever comes next.

Resiliency Through CTV: Why The Retail Revolution Will Be Televised

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