The CMO’s Guide To Innovating During The Economic Storm

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What This Session Is About

Economic uncertainty has followed us into the new year and advertisers are taking a second look at their ad budgets. Each element of the ad mix needs to be accountable and drive real results to justify spending during the economic storm. So why is everyone using the same playbook? How do you stand out and ensure that you’re seeing the necessary impact on your strategy?

Join Ali Haeri, MNTN’s Vice President of Marketing, to learn about:

  • The steps you can take today to differentiate your B2B business;  
  • A case study of MNTN’s own steps to innovate, including an exclusive look at the launch of the thought leadership hub MNTN Research;
  • How to leverage social media in a non-obvious way; and
  • The importance of educational content, including examples from MNTN’s own initiatives. 
The CMO’s Guide To Innovating During The Economic Storm

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