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57% of Streamers Watch a Mix of Ad-Supported and Ad-Free Services

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57% of Streamers Watch a Mix of Ad-Supported and Ad-Free Services

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While some Connected TV watchers have strong opinions on whether they are willing to watch ads while streaming, new data reveals that most streamers are less concerned with the presence of ads when selecting a new streaming service. A survey conducted by Gartner this year found that the majority of streamers (57%) are watching a mix of ad-supported and ad-free streaming services. The rest of streaming viewers either watch only ad-supported (19%) or ad-free (24%).

As far as why streamers might decide to subscribe to a new streaming service or subscription tier, price is the number one consideration—76% of consumers say that the cost of a service affects their decision of whether to subscribe. Presence of advertising, on the other hand, only was important to 11% of the survey respondents. And with 75% of consumers expecting prices in all categories to continue to rise over the second half of this year, along with concerns about a potential recession, it’s likely that more consumers will be turning to ad-supported streaming services in the future.

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