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7 Audience Segments Clothing and Apparel Brands Should Be Targeting

7 Audience Segments Clothing and Apparel Brands Should Be Targeting

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While the economy has been unpredictable over the last two-plus years, people are still purchasing clothes—consumers will reportedly buy over $541 billion worth of apparel and accessories in 2022.

This continual spend on attire should be encouraging to retailers. That said, it’s vital that clothing and apparel brands are cognizant of the large size of and variety found in their potential customer groups. From fashionistas, to those who solely see apparel as functional, no type of consumer should be overlooked.

Consider the following specialized audience segments to target in your next Connected TV (CTV) advertising campaign—all available via MNTN’s partnership with Oracle Data Cloud:

Approach: Fashion Lovers

  • Segment name: Fashionistas
  • Audience provider: OnAudience
  • Why they’re valuable: This audience isn’t casually interested in clothing and apparel—they are legitimately into fashion. So, the interest is already there, your brand just has to create engaging ads that speak to this type of consumer’s fashion infatuation.

Approach: Sporty Chic

  • Segment name: Athleisure
  • Audience provider: Sharethis
  • Why they’re valuable: Even before the global pandemic forced many people out of office wear and into comfy clothes, the athleisure industry was on the up and up. Now, in a “post”-COVID era, the style that unites sporty and chic is thriving—according to a recent report by Grand View Research, the global athleisure market is expected to reach $662.56B by 2030.

Approach: Practical Purchasers

  • Segment name: Function Over Fashion
  • Audience provider: MRI
  • Why they’re valuable: Not all clothing and apparel consumers are fashionistas. In fact, there’s a whole segment that is indifferent to fashion and style, viewing clothing as strictly functional. Because of its large size, this audience shouldn’t be ignored—appeal to this group with messaging that gets straight to the point and focuses on the utility of your product(s).

Approach: Online Shoppers

  • Segment name: Shops For Clothing Primarily Online
  • Audience provider: AnalyticsIQ
  • Why they’re valuable: With more than half of U.S. adults reportedly shopping online at least once a week, a wide variety of brands can benefit from targeting frequent internet shoppers. And, seeing as apparel ecommerce sales are expected to reach $187.92B in 2022, clothing retailers should give particular attention to this segment.

Approach: Outdoor Enthusiasts

  • Segment name: Jackets and Outerwear
  • Audience provider: Eyeota
  • Why they’re valuable: The outdoor apparel market size is quickly expanding—Technavio reported that it will grow by $3.90B from 2019 to 2024. One major contributor noted by the market research firm is the continual increase in tourism. Additionally, experiential travel is on the rise. Meaning, this consumer group is engaged and actively looking for products that will support them on their travels—ensure your brand is on their radar.

Approach: Accessorizers

  • Segment name: Jewelry, Watches and Fashion Accessories
  • Audience provider: Lotame
  • Why they’re valuable: While accessories may typically be thought of as secondary to the clothing they’re paired with, many consumers prioritize searching for the perfect watch, item of jewelry, headband, etc. Whether your brand offers accessories or not, you can benefit by targeting this audience.

Approach: Sustainable Clothing

  • Segment name: Green & eco-friendly shopping
  • Audience provider: ShareThis
  • Why they’re valuable:Fast fashion” is a hot topic right now—more and more people are conscientious about where their clothing comes from and whether it’s made in a sustainable way. A recent study by eMarketer found that a whopping 94% of consumers are concerned about the environment. To best target this audience, create genuine messaging that speaks to the eco-friendliness of your product.

Target Engaged Clothing and Apparel Consumers on Connected TV

We hope these audience segments serve as a solid jumping off point for your next advertising campaign. This said, if you’re still searching for your ideal clothing and apparel consumer group, CTV can further support your efforts. CTV advertising offers detailed audience building—allowing you to get specific with targeting. And, by utilizing a platform like MNTN Performance TV, your ads will only be served on top streaming networks, ensuring prime campaign performance.