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89% of Viewers Believe FASTs Offer Great Value

89% of Viewers Believe FASTs Offer Great Value

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The streaming scene is in full swing and, according to a new source, free, ad-supported streaming (FAST) is definitely not just a fad. Vevo and Publicis Media recently spilled the beans on streaming TV habits in their report The State of Modern TV Viewership. Get this: more than half of Millennials and Gen Xers are hopping onto these ad-supported streaming channels every month. How are they discovering these FASTs? 49% actually found them through apps already pre-downloaded onto their smart TVs. 

But why are so many viewers interested in ad-supported content, anyways? There’s a good reason for the recent shift — according to the survey, over 89% of viewers agree that FASTs deliver some serious value. Many are also happy with the discovery functions available through FAST services, which ultimately make it easier than ever for viewers to stop flipping through apps and actually start watching some TV content.

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