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Almost 80% of TV Execs Think Sports Will Expand Beyond Live Broadcasts

Almost 80% of TV Execs Think Sports Will Expand Beyond Live Broadcasts

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The world of sports television is in the midst of a digital revolution, thanks to — of all things — consumers’ multitasking habits. That’s according to a new survey from Altman Solon, which found that around 80% of entertainment industry executives believe sports content needs to stretch beyond regular live broadcasts and into personalized experiences, better stats, and even immersive features. After all, 57% of those who watch sports TV content multitask on other devices at the same time. And as sports continue their shift to streaming, networks and streaming companies will have to find new, innovative ways to capture the attention of viewers.

Meanwhile, one area of sports content that has actually already benefited from the streaming shift: women’s sports. Women’s sports coverage has jumped from a measly 4% to a solid 15% in the media universe, according to new research. And thanks to the power of streaming and social media, more than a quarter of our streaming screen time is dedicated to women’s sports. But there’s still work to be done, considering the still-low number of women’s pro sports events that are televised compared to men’s. But with TV-ready moments like Taylor Swift’s appearance at NFL games drawing in two million more female viewers than average, and a 43% increase in viewership for NCAA’s Women’s March Madness tournament this year, it looks like networks will have no choice but to acknowledge this new era of women’s sports programming.

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