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Connected TV Viewers Prefer Ads Over Higher Costs

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Connected TV Viewers Prefer Ads Over Higher Costs

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Viewers Prefer Targeted Connected TV Ads

Connected TV viewers say they would rather watch ads than pay high subscription prices to streaming services, and Netflix’s latest subscriber numbers may be evidence of that sentiment. The subscription-based streaming giant reported they added 550,000 U.S and Canadian subscribers in Q4 – weaker than the projected 589,000 – and those numbers come on the back of a year in which they raised prices. 

With the recent launch of Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service, viewers are finding they have more ad-supported options (FAST channels). In fact, they see the trade-off of ads in place of a higher subscription fee as one they’re willing to take. A recent survey conducted by The Trade Desk found that not only do 53% of Connected TV viewers prefer ads over higher subscription fees, but they’re also more willing to watch ads on CTV if they are relevant to them. Data like this suggest CTV advertisers are in a great spot to benefit from viewer sentiment and drive serious ad performance.

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