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Consumers Find CTV Ads More Useful Than Mobile for Informing Holiday Purchases

Consumers Find CTV Ads More Useful Than Mobile for Informing Holiday Purchases

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Looking for a scoop on this year’s holiday shopping scene? According to LG Ad Solution’s latest study, streaming TV ads will be the hidden gems of the holiday season. Turns out, 39% of savvy shoppers find CTV ads more helpful than those on mobile — a whopping 2.3x more than last year. Holiday streaming content will also be making waves this season, taking the number #1 spot for viewers’ favorite way to watch holiday TV content. 

How will viewers be streaming their holiday content? Glad you asked — this year it’s all about co-viewing, with 94% of viewers planning to watch with friends and family. The survey also found that 57% of viewers prefer ads served on Free, Ad-supported Services (FASTs). Plus, 86% of viewers multitask by shopping while catching their favorite TV shows. Overall, it looks like it’s gonna be one heck of a holiday season for marketers and couch-loving Connected TV viewers alike.

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