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CTV Ad Spend is Leaving the Rest of the Market in the Dust

CTV Ad Spend is Leaving the Rest of the Market in the Dust

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Looking for the latest buzz about the US ad market? Well look no further — according to a new article from eMarketer, we can expect a 3.8% growth in media ad spend, rounding out the year at a cool $353.86 billion. And one of the reasons for that growth? The rise of ad-supported streaming. Over the last year, platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime changed the streaming game by introducing ad-supported tiers to their previously ad-free only lineup. As a result, eMarketer predicts that Connected TV ad spend will have a massive 21.2% surge up to $25.09 billion, outshining the rest of the media market. 

And while linear TV might be expected to take a hit this year, dropping by 8% YoY, marketers shouldn’t completely count out CTV’s more traditional counterpoint. “I think soon we’re going to start getting away from delineating between linear and digital TV because the lines are blurring,” said eMarketer analyst Paul Verna. After all, CTV isn’t asking advertisers to reinvent the wheel — It’s like taking the best parts of traditional TV and giving it a high-tech makeover. eMarketer predicts that linear will still have its moments, especially during major TV events, and Connected TV will be there for those advertisers looking for more precise targeting and a growing audience of viewers. 

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