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CTV investments in the U.S. reached $9 billion in 2020

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CTV investments in the U.S. reached $9 billion in 2020

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As streaming continues to grow in popularity among consumers and account for more viewing time than ever, many advertisers are looking to follow their audiences to Connected TV. According to Business Insider, Connected TV investments in the United States reached $9 billion in 2020, an increase of 40.6% over the previous year (beating the 34.8% increase that was expected). Business Insider believes that growth will continue accelerating – reaching $13.41 billion this year, and more than doubling by 2025. 

With streaming’s growing popularity among advertisers, marketers who are currently advertising on linear and streaming TV should consider shifting their budgets even further. Justin Evans, global head of analytics and insights at Samsung Ads, believes it’s time to rebalance TV budgets to fit consumer behavior, “Streaming-enabled homes is a much larger group and, by the way, it’s a growing group. That’s not the group you want to shortchange with your advertising delivery.” He suggests that advertisers who are currently advertising on linear need to start dedicating at least 40% of their TV advertising budgets to streaming, in order to best capitalize on this growing Connected TV audience.

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