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April flowers really do bring May showers—of content that is! This time of the year there are plenty of holidays and events for you to prepare for, and we’ve got you covered for the next up in the lineup: Memorial Day. Also on the content front, Connected TV attribution could use some work, as many models either give too little (or too much) credit to performance-driven by this channel. We explore why MNTN’s attribution model offers the accuracy marketers need to make informed decisions. And if you are a performance marketer looking to craft a CTV media plan, check out our webinar replay about CTV’s digital backbone and how it unlocks a valuable new performance channel for brands.

When it comes to thought leadership, Netflix has been making headlines due to their first drop in subscribers in over 10 years. But it’s looking like the streaming giant is following the lead of their competition with new plans to add an ad-supported tier to its platform. Also in the news, inflation has hit a 40-year high of 7.9%, and some brands have been pulling back their TV advertising spend as a result. We cover all the reasons why, instead, they should be ramping up their spend and invest in media channels like Connected TV to engage new audiences and retain current customers.

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Hindsight is 2022: Make it a Memorial Day to Remember

TNew year, bigger goals. Summer’s coming in hot, so kick your marketing strategy into gear with these recommendations.

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New on Netflix: Ads

Netflix—the streaming giant that prided itself on being ad-free—looks to be embracing ads to get back on top.

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How a Performance Mindset Elevates CTV Media Planning

Learn more about the tools, technology, and mindset needed to create media plans that get the most out of Connected TV.

Inflation’s Not Going Anywhere, But Neither is Connected TV.

Those purse strings are getting tighter as inflation hits a 40-year high of 7.9%. But, performance marketers can continue to thrive amid these price hikes.

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Why CTV Attribution Needs a Shakeup

Most brands are forced to rely on traditional attribution models to measure the impact of CTV ads, leading to reporting issues and insights that aren’t actionable. That needs to change.

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