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    Marketing AI, Social Partnerships, & More | Weekly Marketing News

    Too Busy to Keep Up with the Latest Marketing News? We’ve Got You Covered.

    Marketing AI, Social Partnerships, & More | Weekly Marketing News

    4 Min Read

    There is a lot to cover this week in digital marketing news. So to make it easier for you to keep on top of the most important stories, we compiled a list of interesting headlines breaking this week.

    This week, there’s a lot of talk around the prevalence of artificial intelligence in digital advertising, and how these functions can improve the lives of marketers moving forward. You may have been hesitant to usher in the future in this case, and maybe feared the impact AI could have on marketing jobs. But according to an article by The Next Web, AI is ‘here to help.’ Jobs may have to change to fit the new norm created by these algorithms, but as long as machines only optimize and humans stay creative, TNW assures us that there will always be a place for marketers in the future. 

    In other news, many social platforms are partnering with brands to optimize their user experiences and create new content for consumers. Bumble, the women-first social networking app, just announced a partnership with Cosmopolitan. This partnership is intended to promote safe and responsible virtual dating and conversations as we continue to socially isolate in the face of COVID-19. 

    Here’s the rest of the marketing headlines that caught our eye this week. 


    AI is great news for digital marketers who are bored of being data drones – Digital marketers today are faced with a unique challenge: tell a creative, compelling brand story while simultaneously ensuring the message ranks. AI is here to help.

    5 Pandemic-Proof Marketing Channels to For Uncertain Times – A lot of businesses had to shift their offline marketing efforts to a digital marketing strategy, and they’ve also had to find the most effective channel to reach their target audience.

    Strategizing Growth Marketing For Startups During Uncertain Times – During times of uncertainty, should you continue to invest in growth marketing or should you stop all growth efforts? This has turned into an existential question for small and medium-size startups. 

    The 10 Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them – Global digital marketing spend is expected to reach $146 billion by 2023. Here’s an outline of the most common mistakes brands make and tips on how to avoid them to optimize performance.

    Third-Party Cookies Phaseout: A Pivotal Moment For Digital Marketers – For the last 25 years, marketers have relied on third-party cookies for users’ analytics, cross-site and behavioral targeting, retargeting and any other sort of data-driven advertising, and many of us still do today.

    5 Brilliant Ways to Combine Traditional & Digital Marketing – Traditional marketing is still a valuable B2B asset. And the art of synergizing traditional marketing with digital marketing is worth mastering. Here’s how.


    Social media accelerates business growth and relevance – The most powerful tool for digital marketers is social media. Strong, growing brands use social media to drive all parts of a growing business.

    14 Social Media Faux Pas To Avoid At All Costs – While social media savvy helps promote brand recognition and overall success, one misstep can bring a business unwanted attention—even national infamy.

    LinkedIn Stories for B2B Social Media Marketing – LinkedIn needs no introduction to B2B marketers, who practically live there these days. This platform offers a significant opportunity to reach otherwise hard-to-access decision-makers.

    Does social media help or hurt recruitment – In order for social media to serve as an effective recruitment tool, HR must develop a digital-marketing strategy and positive candidate experience.

    The Blockchain Way To Monetize Your Social Media Posts – Brands are particularly attentive to the best elements of their community, those who relay their values, products and services and often engage professional influencers to create content and engage with the brand.

    OTT in the time of COVID-19: Using social to drive adoption – Ting Zheng, Social Account Lead at PMG, explores the rise in OTT during COVID-19, and how social media can help impact adoption.


    Snap partners with Smartly to scale up social advertising – Snap is partnering with Smartly to enable brands to leverage the social advertising automation platform’s tools and services to scale their advertising on Snapchat. 

    Bumble partners with Cosmopolitan to promote virtual dating – Women-first social networking app, Bumble, has announced a partnership with Cosmopolitan, as it seeks to boost awareness of its virtual dating offering.

    How Today’s Consumers Prefer to Communicate: You May Be Surprised – Through their mobile devices, users have a variety of ways to receive communications—from email, to SMS texting, to apps and social media. Which of these channels do consumers most prefer?

    #PlayWithPringles TikTok campaign racks up 230m views in less than three weeks – The Pringles brand launched #PlayWithPringles on TikTok in Germany on 24 April, and the challenge amassed millions of views in just a few hours. 

    Top 3 tips to improve cross device tracking – Mobile Marketing – Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, consumers were spending more time on the internet, and they weren’t just logging on from laptops or phones. Here are three tips to help improve brands’ cross device targeting strategy.


    That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.