Optimizing Addressable TV, Embracing Digital Privacy, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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Optimizing Addressable TV, Embracing Digital Privacy, & More | Weekly Marketing News

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There’s been a lot to cover when it came to marketing news this week. In TV news in particular, new research from Forrester confirms that optimizing addressable TV and other emerging channels is a top priority for many marketers. Their survey of 500 brands and agencies found that more than half are focused on using addressable TV to improve the effectiveness of their TV campaign targeting, and 47% intend to use addressable TV’s ability to tie spend to specific outcomes. Forrester also explored what kind of campaigns each advertiser is looking to run –– those using addressable TV for awareness campaigns are looking to reduce waste and manage frequency, while those focused on conversion objectives are interested in the greater visibility into media spend performance. As advertisers continue to utilize Connected TV to combine the scale of linear with the targeting capabilities and measurability of digital advertising, research like this can help marketers better understand how others are taking advantage of this growing channel.

To make it even easier for you to keep on top of important stories, we created this list of the most interesting headlines that caught our eye.


Don’t Fight Privacy — Embrace It – With new privacy legislation aimed at online targeted advertising about to be introduced in various states, the trade associations that represent the interests of online ad companies are fighting back with the usual arguments.

2021 digital marketing trends you need to know from 13 marketing experts – Experts are recommending that you focus on content and digital customer strategy as two key areas that require rethinking in a post-pandemic world

Why building a digital marketing engineering team is so important – An increased demand for technology skills coupled with upcoming industry changes will mean additional talent will be required in the near future.

Boost Your Business with These 5 Digital Marketing Tips – Our hyper-connected world means you have opportunities to boost your business, by changing your business model and adapting to the way today’s consumers’ shop. 


Cord-Cutting Isn’t a Dirty Word in Scripps’ 2021 Upfront Talks – Scripps’ ad sales team is aware that marketers know about the media-planning challenges posed by cord-cutting. So this upfront season, they are embracing the c-word.

Roku Creates Branded Content Studio After Record Ad Revenue – On the heels of another record quarter for Roku—during which it more than doubled monetized video-advertising impressions year over year—the company is preparing to bring in even more ad dollars from marketers.

As Streaming Accelerates, Will Traditional Licensing Deals Change? – In the wake of rising TV/movie content production — especially for needy streaming platforms — what happens to the big legacy TV revenue-producing licensing revenue?

Pandemic viewing leads to unprecedented investments in digital TV – The time Americans spend streaming television has skyrocketed during the pandemic, causing a mad dash by content companies, tech firms and advertisers to invest unprecedented amounts in digital TV.

Brands, Agencies Lay Out Addressable TV Priorities, Challenges – New Forrester research shows that optimizing addressable TV and other emerging channels is a top priority, but also confirms that key challenges remain to using addressable at scale.


Don’t underestimate Google – this is not all we’ll hear about FLoC – When Google went public with its roadmap for a post-cookie digital ad landscape, there was no shortage of anticipation within the industry. And in the weeks since they shared the first insight into what FLoC would look like, they have been slated from every direction.

Is TikTok the Future of Digital Marketing? – With a global pandemic that kept people stuck at home and mindlessly glued to their phones, brands have started to move their relatability efforts ontoTikTok, where a generation with rising purchasing power spends most of their time. 

Image: Mobile Marketing Strategies Deliver Ecommerce Results – In 2020, 66% of visits to the most popular websites around the world came from mobile devices. While most people still spend more time on desktop sites than on mobile sites, the pandemic seems to have had a negative effect on our attention spans.


That’s it for the roundup this week, next week we’ll be back with another list of what’s making news in marketing.